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###Star Trek Beyond Deleted Scene Adds More Humor to Blu-ray Release
September 21, 2016


Interesting new FB page by many of Star Trek’s cast & crew


I’m pretty sure I don’t recognize half of those names. Oddly enough, I don’t see “Avery Brooks” on that list.

I’m also not sure that some of those names on there help the cause. I mean, when Riiiiiiiickkkkkkk Berrrrrrrman is for something, that’s a pretty solid reason for Trek fans to be against it. :wink:

…doesn’t Star Trek lore state that the Federation came about in the aftermath of World War 3?


Or William Shatner, for that matter.


If I Recall Correctly, the UFP isn’t a direct result of a third world war on Earth. There is a non-lineal descendant of the UN on Earth and that is where much of the Iconography of the UFP comes from, but none of the Earth’s governing bodies survived intact the conflicts that occurred in the Star Trek universe’s 21st century.

There’s a scene from one of the many Star Trek novels where Kirk is looking at the restored Space Shuttle Enterprise and reminisces about how the original US lasted long enough to see the beginnings of the world he knows. He also notices that the flag had been updated to the last one used by the US, with 54 stars.

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Coincidentally I did just happen to see a rerun of TOS where Spock mentions that 37 million died in World War III.

I also saw First Contact not that long ago and its numbers for WW3 differed greatly. I see Wikipedia also points out the inconsistency in the lore…and there are a great many inconsistencies.



Star Trek is 50 years old and there have been a lot of people involved in creating it’s “Lore”, so it isn’t surprising that there are contradictions and inconsistencies.

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@redshirt1, we miss you!

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the next Star Trek movie should deal with the Mirror Universe.


Going to involve Time Travel and have Kirk meet his Dad from what I’ve heard. Having the movie entirely take place in the mirror universe would be an interesting take though.



###Exclusive Star Trek Beyond Bonus Feature Clip
OCTOBER 3, 2016


I can’t say I was a huge fan of the “Mirror Universe” stuff, best I can say was that it was better than the “Space Court” episodes. Though I remember the post-TOS mirror stuff more vividly than the TOS mirror stuff, maybe it was better?


A real case could be made that the Federation was a direct result of the Earth-Romulus War. While we don’t know the actual particulars of that conflict (yet), something presumably convinced Vulcan, Andor, Tellar , etc., to enter into an official alliance with Earth not too long after it ended.


@Lord_Shameless I have a book on Star Trek spaceflight which was published to go with the first motion picture that touches on the founding of the UFP, which it states was in response to the threat of the Romulans and the other, yet to be contacted, space-faring civilizations ( Klingons ) that might be hostile. Now the books aren’t always canon and Star Trek canon is confused at best anyway, so take that with a large grain of salt ( or a big swig of Romulan Ale ).

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###October 4, 2016: This Week on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD - Star Trek Beyond
OCTOBER 4, 2016


Like most things, Star Trek’s continuity isn’t perfect, but it does hold up pretty well overall (far more things fit than don’t). Initially, first contact with the Klingons was placed after the formation of the Federation by various books based on conjecture from onscreen dialogue, but there really wasn’t anything that said that it couldn’t have happened before the Federation was formed.


a lite Star Trek-esque one page rpg…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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