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Strike the Blood

Strike the Blood

Genres: action, fantasy, romance, supernatural
Themes: demons, fanservice, harem
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: “The fourth true ancestor” is a legendarily strong vampire that shouldn’t exist. Accompanied by the 12 “gun-beasts,” this phantom vampire is said to have appeared in Japan. In order to find and kill this “fourth true ancestor,” the government and the Lion King Organization order the dispatch of attack mages called “sword-maidens.” For some reason an apprentice named Yukina Himeragi was chosen for the task. Wielding the strongest spiritual spear, Yukina comes to the special demon district Itokami City. There she encounters Kojou Akatsuki and learns the true nature of the “fourth true ancestor.”
Number of episodes: 24
Vintage: 2013-10-04
Opening Theme: “Strike the Blood” by Kisida Kyodan & The Akebosi Rockets

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Strike the Blood OAV / Strike the Blood: Valkyria no Ōkoku-hen

Plot Summary: Kingdom of Aldegyr and the Lost Warlord’s Dominion are holding a signing ceremony to extend their mutual non-aggression treaty. While La Folia is with them, Kojou does not anticipate meeting them as they are busy with work. However, an evil terrorist plot threatens the signing ceremony and it is up to Kojou and Yukina to stop them from succeeding.
Number of episodes: 2
Vintage: 2015-11-25
Opening Theme: “Little Charm Fang” by Yuka Iguchi
Ending Theme: “Kimi wa Soleil” by Kanon Wakeshima

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Strike the Blood II OAV

Genres: action, supernatural
Themes: vampires
Number of episodes: 8
Vintage: 2016-11-23

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Strike The Blood III

Number of Episodes: 10
Vintage: 2018-12-19

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Strike the Blood IV

Number of Episodes: 12 + 1 OVA
Vintage: 2020-01-29 (OVA), 2020-03-25 (Series)

Episode 1 –


Yay! More vampires! LOL

Yukina has to see that Kojou really isn’t much of a threat – at least not yet. In fact, he seems to be a really nice guy. However, I am curious about the deal he made with the Fourth Progenitor and why he seems to be having memory problems – and such painful ones at that. Poor guy doesn’t even realize the kind of situation he’s really in. But I’m sure that will change!

Episode 2 –


A little more background information is given, which is always a good thing. Yukina receives her weapon and her mission. Of course, being an observer means moving in right next door to Kojou, and Kojou isn’t exactly thrilled to find out. But, nice guy that he is, Kojou helps her out. Yukina seems to have led a very isolated existence up until now. It was funny to see Kojou educating her during their shopping trip.

It’s funny that every time Kojou gets turned on, his vampire instincts surface and it results in a nose bleed. LOL At least it suppresses the urges. Yukina and Kojou continue to learn about each other and Kojou seems impressed with her skills.

The fight at the end was interesting. Of course, Kojou comes to Yukina’s rescue! Unfortunately, Kojou reveals his power to the Combat Deacon, and Rudolf realizes that he’s the Fourth Progenitor. That can’t be good. I thought the war that the Three Saints mentioned might be beginning, but now I’m not sure what Rudolf’s goal is. More mystery!

Episode 3 –


Kojou’s fight and the resulting damage is put down to a lightning strike. At least Yukina thanks Kojou for saving her, although she’s unsure if she should report the incident to her superiors. And Kojou can’t control his Familiars. He hasn’t even sucked blood yet! Some vampire he is! LOL

They search for the Combat Deacon and may have found out where he’s hiding. But Kojou is such a gentleman, that he won’t let Yukina go in alone. Citing certain conditions, Yukina allows Kojou to accompany her. They find a lab full of homunculi and receive a warning that the island is going to sink.

Rudolf confirms this when he says that he intends to take the treasure, which also happens to be the cornerstone of the island. With the rest of what Rudolf says, Kojou gets angry enough to fight again, but has to face Astarte – the one that is responsible for all of the recent demon deaths. Kojou gets knocked out and Yukina is no match for Astarte by herself. Rudolf is just about to kill her when she is suddenly showered in blood. Kojou had stepped in front of Rudolf’s axe to protect Yukina.

To make matters worse, Rudolf beheads Kojou and Yukina is left holding his severed head while his body falls to the side. Don’t immortals die when they lose their heads? And with so much blood loss too. I can’t wait to see how Kojou comes back to life. And whatever happens, I have a feeling that Kojou’s “virgin vampire” status is about to change. LOL Will his observer become his first meal?

Episode 4 –


Kojou has healed and Yukina explains how, but I wanted to see how his head reattached itself! LOL Yukina gets mad at him for protecting her. Poor guy can’t catch a break. Kojou is still weak though and manages to conveniently fall on top of Yukina. He sniffs her neck and compliments her. Yukina is very uncomfortable and calls him a pervert. Kojou finally lets her go without biting her, but the building begins to shake.

Rudolf attacked the Keystone Gate and Asagi has been trapped inside. Many others have been killed or injured. Kojou is able to get a call through to Asagi, but she’s in a panic. Kojou needs to know where Rudolf is. Asagi tells him that he’s making his way towards the lowest level, to where the Anchor Block is. Kojou asks her about the treasure and after a little digging through some protected files, Asagi finds it.

Yukina is all for going after Rudolf, but Kojou doesn’t see what good it will do. He can get some of the humans to evacuate, but that’s about it. He can see why Rudolf is doing what he’s doing, but Kojou isn’t sure of what is right or wrong at the moment. Yukina’s response is to cut her exposed neck and tell him to take her blood. She hopes that he will be able to control his Familiars once he feeds. Yukina needs his help to fight Rudolf and doesn’t believe that Kojou doesn’t want to. Kojou grabs Yukina in a hug and licks the blood from her neck. Having gotten a taste, his fangs come out and he feeds fully upon her.

Rudolf has reached the treasure – an “eternal treasure stolen from the Church of Lotharingia”, which turns out to be the forearm of a saint. But Kojou and Yukina have also arrived. Rudolf intends to reclaim the relic, but that will also destroy Itogami Island. The fight begins again and this time, Rudolf exposes his holy armor which does not bode well for Kojou. Then again, Kojou calls forth a Familiar. Between Kojou and Yukina, Rudolf is defeated.

After Kojou hugs Yukina, he feeds on the homunculus and a very funny argument ensues. LOL This island may sink yet! More is discovered about Kojou and now that he’s paired with Yukina, she is considered his queen, but perhaps that is why she was sent to him in the first place. It also looks like Yaze might be a spy or maybe he’s just another observer. And now that Yukina has broken her weapon and violated her orders, she expects to be recalled by the organization. However, her repaired weapon is delivered back to her instead. I guess that means she won’t be recalled after all. Both Kojou and Yukina seem happy about that!

But she still needs to get checked out since he bit her. Yukina says that the results were negative and it was a “safe” day. Kojou is very relieved. He had thought he made her a blood servant. LOL Why does this conversation sound like something else? Hysterical! Unfortunately, Asagi and Nagisa overheard every word. There will be another kind of hell to pay now! Sometimes, misunderstandings can be extremely funny!

Episode 5 –


Kojou gets paired up with Asagi for a badminton game for the ball sports festival. And it was all Yaze’s doing! But I think Orin helped. LOL

However, there are other forces working behind the scenes that consider the Fourth Progenitor an enemy. I’m sure that’s just what Kojou needs. When two shikigami attack him at school, it’s Yukina to the rescue once again. But who sent them?

It was Lord Vatler with an invitation to a party, but Kojou has to bring a “partner”. Trying to decide on who to take with him, and even with Yukina hinting that it should be herself, Kojou thinks of asking Natsuki. But I think Yukina convinces him that it should be her, although she has nothing to wear.

Once home, a package is waiting for Kojou from the Lion King Organization. It just happens to be a dress! And it just happens to have been made for Yukina’s measurements! LOL I feel sorry for Kojou again when he realizes that.

The party is on a boat called the “Oceanus Grave” which is probably a fitting name for a vampire’s boat. But Kojou feels very out of place at such a fancy party. He’s feeling very much like a high school student at the moment. When they go searching for their host, they are attacked. Lord Vatler appears and apologizes for testing them. Still, I wonder why he did that.

Episode 6 –


Not only does Kojou meet the affectionate Lord Vatler, but he also gets to meet Yukina’s friend and former roommate, Sayaka. And she doesn’t like Kojou one bit! Dimitrie later tells Kojou that he was in love with Avrora who was Kaleid Blood, who is now Kojou. That explains the affection. LOL Dimitrie now offers his love to Kojou and that really frazzles him! Worse, Dimitrie smells Yukina’s blood on Kojou and declares her a rival in love, since she may be a possible blood partner to Kojou.

Not only is Dimitrie there for Kojou, but also Christoph Gardos, a terrorist that has infiltrated the island. Kojou is a little upset that Dimitrie is after Gardos and may even destroy the island during a fight. Before that happens, Yukina proposes that she go after the Black Death Emperor Faction herself. Both Kojou and Sayaka protest, but Dimitrie accepts her offer. He will consider it a test to see if Yukina is worthy of being Kojou’s blood partner. And it looks like Sayaka resents Kojou for coming between her and Yukina.

The next morning, Asagi makes a move on Kojou in his bedroom and ends up getting him in a compromising position. At least Asagi finds out that Yukina and Kojou are not dating, but she still senses something between them and Kojou isn’t talking. Now Asagi and Yukina are rivals in love too! LOL

At school, Yukina takes Kojou to see Natsuki for information on Gardos. They are surprised to see that Astarte is her maid and serving tea. LOL Astarte is actually on probation and Natsuki took her in. Natsuki tells them that there is no need to go after Gardos. She says that Vatler is a monster and the weapon that Gardos is looking for isn’t usable anyway. This is the ancient weapon, Nalakuvera, that once destroyed countless civilizations. The current location is unknown since the weapon has already been stolen. So how does Natsuki know it isn’t usable? I think she is very wrong.

Natsuki says that no one has been able to decipher it. Again, I think she’s wrong. I think Gardos already has the weapon and Asagi is unknowingly working on the decryption. She received a “puzzle” on her computer and easily solved it. Natsuki is going to investigate the possible location Nalakuvera, but in the meantime, she tells Kojou to worry about himself. Dimitrie has already devoured two high ranking vampire elders, and Kojou could be next on the menu.

Kojou decides that he needs better control of his Familiars, just in case Dimitrie comes after him. Yukina wants to know if that means he needs her blood. I think Yukina was disappointed when Kojou said he wasn’t thinking of that. Then she becomes angry with him. LOL Kojou goes to Asagi for help with Nalakuvera, but she’s already familiar with that name. She agrees to help him and Yaze spies on them, as they enter the student council room.

Kojou does get information on the weapon with Asagi’s help, but ends up in another compromising position when a teacher show up. Kojou ends up with vampire urges and another nose bleed. LOL But was it Yukina or Sayaka that saw them together like that? Kojou later mentions the stone tablet and ancient text and sees that Asagi gets a little nervous. If only she would tell Kojou what she knows!

When Asagi goes for a drink and Kojou is alone, Sayaka attacks! She’s about to kill him for taking Yukina’s blood. As Kojou tries to talk Sayaka out of killing him, a van with armed men pulls arrives at the school. Sayaka manages to cut Kojou and it looks like he’s losing control of his powers. Asagi comes back just in time to see this. And it looks like the guys in the van want Asagi. I knew it. Gardos wants her to decipher that stone tablet!

This has been the nicest surprise this season, along with Log Horizon.

Episode 7 –


Asagi wants to know what’s going on, but Kojou tells her to stay back just as he loses complete control of his powers. Asagi is knocked unconscious and all the windows of the school blow out, as well as all the electronics. Yukina suddenly appears and is able to dispel the power. Things are quickly back to normal, although Sayaka has some explaining to do. But right now, it’s more important to help Asagi.

Asagi is fine and just needs some rest. Yukina tells her that the ductwork on the roof broke. But Asagi also remembers some other things that need to be explained. Kojou and Sayaka are still on the roof, waiting for Yukina to return. Neither one wants to be near the other and all too soon, Sayaka’s jealousy flares up again. But she’s surprised when Kojou actually apologizes to her. Then they begin to argue over Yukina’s qualities. But they are interrupted by the sound of running feet.

Those demons are in the building and after Asagi. They find her in the nurse’s office pretty quickly too. Nagisa panics at the sight of them and Yukina tries to calm her down. But the girl tries to run and her life is threatened. The only thing that Yukina can do to save her is to knock her out. Gardos introduces himself to Asagi and offers her a job, promising to release her upon its completion. Why do I not believe that?

At the sound of gunshots, Kojou and Sayaka go running to see what’s going on. Yaze happens to see the girls being forced into the van. Kojou bursts into the nurse’s office and finds Astarte on the floor, covered in blood. As the van races through the city, Yaze runs after it. I still have no idea who or what he is. He bites into a capsule and takes off like a rocket! He really has some amazing abilities and puts them to good use in finding out where the girls are being taken. That is until Dimitrie stops him. For some reason, he doesn’t want Gardos stopped just yet and attacks Yaze. I get the feeling that maybe Dimitrie wants that weapon, and will let Gardos do all the work on it before he steps in to take it.

The girls end up in some kind of storage room and Nagisa is still unconscious. Yukina is worried about her and Asagi tells her that Nagisa almost died once in an accident that involved demons. Well, that explains why she was so terrified at the sight of the demons. Gardos enters and tells Asagi that he wants her to work on the Nalakuvera commands. But when she finds out why, she’s against it. Of course Gardos threatens her friends. I knew that was coming!

Kojou and Sayaka are in a cab and he thanks her for saving Astarte. I see Sayaka is good for something more than hating Kojou at least. LOL But when the cab is stopped by a roadblock, they end up arguing again - this time over who should pay the cab fare. They can’t really get near the terrorist hideout, but grabbing Sayaka against her will, Kojou manages to jumps across the waterway to where the hideout is. Then they walk right in to Natsuki. She doesn’t want them to interfere either. Dimitrie shows up as well, and Natsuki doesn’t like the fact that he’s there too.

Dimitrie tells them that the Island Guard was lured there to test out the weapon, and that they should retreat while they can. Then the attack begins! Gardos lets Asagi hear the results, and asks her if she’s ready to help them. Before she can answer, Yukina wants to know why Lord Ardeal is helping him as she realizes that they are aboard the Oceanus Grave, which just so happens to have diplomatic immunity. Gardos admits that he doesn’t know but thinks it might be a “perfect cure for boredom”. I suppose immortals do get bored from time to time, but I’m not so sure that the Nalakuvera is a good remedy for that. But for now, Gardos and Ardeal have common interests, so it only makes sense that they should work together. He leaves Asagi with a warning to hurry up with the translation.

And Asagi is determined to do just that. Until a now awake and seemingly possessed Nagisa begins to talk to her in a strange voice. She knows who Yukina is too and tells her that the “boy” will buy them time. Then Nagisa crumples to the floor, unconscious again. Yukina catches her and asks to borrow Asagi’s cell phone. They had a cell phone all this time and didn’t think to use it? And their captors didn’t bother to check for one and take it? Way to go!

As the Nalakuvera continues to destroy the surrounding area, Dimitrie claps his hands with delight, impressed with its power. Kojou asks him how long he’s going to hang around and also asks him where his boat is. Dimitrie tells them that Gardos hijacked it and that he barely got away with his life. Of course no one believes him. Almost as an afterthought, Dimitrie tosses the unconscious Yaze to them. Kojou catches him and Dimitrie is surprised that Kojou knows him. Dimitrie tells them all not to worry, for he intends to destroy Nalakuvera, and heads over to it.

Kojou’s phone rings and he finally gets to speak with Yukina. Meanwhile, Dimitrie calls upon his Familiars in preparation to destroy Nalakuvera. Unfortunately, Yukina is telling Kojou not to destroy it, and to keep it still. Kojou tells Dimitrie that he should not be interfering on his “turf” and tells him to back off. Dimitrie thinks about it and will bow to Kojou’s will. However, he does destroy the connection between the subfloat and the pier, so Kojou can now fight uninterrupted. What a nice guy! On the boat, Asagi is frantically working on the translation, while Yukina does some reconnaissance, and Kojou now faces Nalakuvera.

Episode 8 –


Kojou does his best to evade the Nalakuvera, and Sayaka ends up helping him. But when she strikes Nalakuvera with her sword, nothing happens. The Nalakuvera adapts quickly and counterattacks just as fast. When the Nalakuvera tries to fly away, Kojou stops it with a Familiar, but he left both himself and Sayaka in the line of fire.

Thankfully they are okay, but now the Nalakuvera is underground, and they need to find it. Seawater begins to flow in when they find the Nalakuvera – and it’s repairing itself! Meanwhile, Asagi is still hard at work on the translation. Yukina is still looking around the boat and has found many more Nalakuvera weapons. Gardos tells her it was his plan all along just before he becomes a demon and attacks her. She is without her weapon, but somehow Yaze gets it to her.

Yukina is a match for Gardos now and manages to cut off his arm. She tells him that the fight is over, and he agrees with her. However, two of his men appear, carrying Asagi and Nagisa. And several Nalakuvera appear on the deck as well. Gardos demands her surrender. Kojou and Sayaka are still searching for the Nalakuvera underground. It was nice of him to give the wet Sayaka his jacket, but the banter was pretty funny. Yukina has a sudden change of heart towards Kojou and even offers him her blood – just this once – as a thank you for not telling Yukina that she actually enjoyed having him take charge.

Saying that she isn’t afraid of him, Sayaka smiles at him and exposes her neck. How can Kojou resist such an enticing offer? He bites into and feeds deeply. I’m sure this will let him control another Familiar, and it seems to. Yukina gets some unexpected help from Natsuki on the boat. She will take care of Asagi and Nagisa and asks Yukina what her next move is. She wants to join Kojou of course, but Natsuki tells her that he may not need her. Kojou’s new Familiar is doing just fine against the Nalakuvera.

But now Kojou has something else to contend with. Gardos is controlling the queen – all the others have been drone units! Dimitrie offers his help again and Kojou refuses it. Yukina finally joins Kojou. Seeing the new Familiar, and taking a look at Sayaka, Yukina knows that Kojou has had her blood. But for now, all three of them need to fight this army of Nalakuvera and its queen command unit.

The damaged Nalakuvera repaired themselves quickly and each attack makes them stronger. Gardos is quite pleased with the incredible power he now controls. But Asagi wasn’t stupid. She created a virus that commands the unit to self destruct when it tries to repair itself. However, they need access to the command unit in order to activate it. Sayaka manages to temporarily disable the Nalakuvera while Kojou and Yukina make a run for the queen.

Kojou has both of his Familiars work together to stop the queen and Gardos comes out, ready to fight Yukina once again. Sayaka takes care of Gardos as Yukina races past him. Kojou follows up with a nice punch to his face that knocks Gardos flat on his back. Yukina activates the voice command inside of the queen, and all the units fall to pieces. Now that it’s all over, Yukina asks Sayaka if Kojou drank her blood. Sayaka meekly admits it, but Kojou tells Yukina that there was no other choice since the water level was rising.

Yukina really doesn’t mind. In fact, she’s even a bit happy about it. Her only fear was that Kojou may have forced Sayaka, but since that wasn’t the case, Yukina is fine with it. She says she isn’t the least bit mad, but the look she gives Kojou makes me wonder. LOL And as for Dimitrie, he thinks that Kojou showed him a really good time. A mysterious girl that Dimitrie refers to as the third leader of the Lion King Organization appears and tells him that his request has been accepted. She hands Dimitrie an envelope and he smiles. The girls asks him – “was the work of the Black Death Emperor Faction carried out at his direction?” – and Dimitrie replies that he did it for his own amusement, as he opens the envelope.

Dimitrie tells the girl to leave it at that as he looks over the contents of the envelope. It is an authorization to establish a Warlord’s Domain embassy in the demon district! I guess that means that Dimitrie will be sticking around for a while – as the official ambassador! I can only wonder what kind of trouble he’ll be causing now - especially with diplomatic immunity.

Asagi wakes up and Kojou is with her. She asks what happened and he fills her in without really telling her anything. She tells him to look at her earrings and when he leans over, she kisses him. I’ll have to remember that for future use! LOL Kojou is completely flustered as Asagi tells him that now he knows. Then he ends up with a nosebleed. Of course this is the exact moment that Nagisa runs into the room, demanding to know what is going on. They come up with an excuse, but then Kojou notices Yukina in the doorway – and she has that look on her face again! LOL

Episode 9 –


It looks like Kojou might have to deal with a new enemy, but for now all he can think about is Asagi kissing him. He’s distracted and Yukina asks him what’s wrong, but he really can’t tell her. He hasn’t been getting much sleep either, because Sayaka keeps calling him during the night with no reason. Yukina says that Sayaka never liked phones, or guys for that matter, and finds it odd that Sayaka calls Kojou. He says that Sayaka must be worried about her if she keeps checking on him like that. But Yukina seems to think there’s another reason and gets annoyed.

Asagi wants Kojou to come to the art room after school, alone, and she doesn’t want him to tell anyone either. He meets her as requested and Asagi tells Kojou to “take them off”. What? But she only meant his jacket. LOL She wants him to pose for her for her art project. However, she can’t get the right feeling for the work and tells Kojou to change his clothes, supplying him with some costumes. Asagi offers to wear one as well. A maid and a butler – interesting. LOL Asagi begins snapping his picture – “for reference”. LOL He retaliates by taking her picture.

With all the fooling around, Asagi doesn’t get any work done on the painting. But she does get serious for a moment and asks Kojou what he’s been hiding. She doesn’t wait for an answer, but tells him that he will have to model for her again on Saturday, before leaving him. Now he has to answer to Yukina. She saw them fooling around and taking pictures and wants to know what he’s up to. She doesn’t sound like she believes that it was an art project. Kojou changes the subject and tells Yukina that Asagi wants to know what he’s hiding. Yukina wonders if he will tell her the truth, but Kojou isn’t sure. He never wanted Asagi to find out that he’s a vampire, but not telling her could put her in danger again. He just doesn’t know what to do.

Yukina knows that Kojou cares about Asagi and tells him that it’s his decision to make. All Kojou wanted was a normal life and now it’s anything but that. Yukina tells him that whatever he decides, she will still be his observer. Right now, his bigger problem is Nagisa. How will she take that kind of news? Too many things to think about! Kojou looks out the window and sees Nagisa talking to a boy. Another problem to worry about? The boy hands Nagisa a letter and Yukina thinks it’s a love letter, but Kojou refuses to believe that. Not his little sister! Yukina then mentions how popular Nagisa is, and Kojou looks worried again.

At home, Kojou is trying to rest when Sayaka calls him again. She tells him that she’ll be in Itogami City over the weekend to meet a VIP from Aldegyr. She will be guide and guard for this person. It looked like she wanted to see Kojou during her visit, but Kojou just talks over her, assuming that she will be too busy for spending any time with Yukina and himself. She ends up telling the “jerk” to die, and hangs up on him. LOL I did like his follow up comment – “Sorry, but I’m cursed with immortality, so I can’t die.”

While on his balcony, he happens to see a fire in the distance and it looks like a bad one. It looks like things just got tied in from the beginning of the episode and I know that this girl that BB is looking for must be the same one that Sayaka is supposed to guard. And was that fire caused by the crash of her escape pod – is that her lying on the ground like that?

Kojou begins spying on his sister at school. But Yukina is getting in the way. They both end up hearing a very strange conversation between Nagisa and the boy. It sounds so erotic that Yukina starts blushing. LOL Kojou just gets angry and decides to break it up before things go any further. He bursts through the door and finds them together – with a cat! LOL Everything is explained. The letter was a member list for the boy’s sports club, because Nagisa was looking for a home for the cat. Nagisa really lets her brother have it! LOL But what was he supposed to think? All Kojou can do is apologize.

The girl that was taking care of the cat, Kanase, leads them to a burned down church where many cats have made themselves a home. Yukina is thrilled to see so many. Kanase takes care of them until she can find them homes. Kojou thinks she’d make a great nun – well, she was raised in a monastery. Meanwhile, Yaze meets with Natsuki at her office. They have the girl that was shown at the fire. Yaze tells Natsuki that the “company” doesn’t think she’s a demon, and is most likely just an ordinary human.

Natsuki isn’t too sure about that, since the girl was found in the demon district, under very unordinary circumstances. The girl was injured and lost some organs, mainly her Manipura Chakra. Dimitrie strolls up to them and says that the organ in question was her spiritual center or “self”. Natsuki wants to know what he’s doing there, and I liked how she referred to him as a bat. LOL Dimitrie tells her that it’s a diplomatic secret, and he won’t comment on anything else either. Dimitrie does tell them that the “Ragnvald of Aldegyr, an airship of the Order of the Sacred Ring, has been missing since yesterday.”

Natsuki wants to know if the royal family of Aldegyr is involved, but Dimitrie claims that there is no proof. Why is Kanase being shown? Is she part of the royal family? Is she even human? Natsuki wonders why the “snake charmer” is telling her all this. Of course he wants something in return. Dimitrie doesn’t want Kojou to get involved in this case. Natsuki asks why and Dimitrie says it’s because he can’t defeat “her”. Well, if the “her” is Kanase, Kojou is already involved!

Episode 10 –


Kojou finds out a little odd information about Kanase and an accident in the past. He’s helped Kanase find homes for all of the cats, but now Natsuki reprimands him for bringing animals to school. She’ll forget about it for a favor and tells Kojou to “accompany” her that evening. I bet he thinks that she’s asking for a date! LOL She really just wants his help with her work. Yukina is with him as well.

Natsuki wants Kojou to go after a group called “Possession Mask” and they discuss strategy. However, Natsuki tells Kojou not to kill them. As they talk, Possession Mask shows up. Natsuki has a large fireworks show set off over the city, so they can fight without too much being noticed. The fight is so intense that I wonder how the fireworks is covering any of it up. Kojou calls a Familiar, but the Possession Mask seems to be able to evade Familiar attacks.

One Possession Mask attacks the other and saves them. She’s pretty vicious too as she tears apart the other one. But her mask slips off and it’s Kanase! Kojou calls out to her, but she’s too intent on killing, crying even as she accomplishes her task. Spreading her wings, she flies away.

Kojou and Yukina go to visit Kanase at her home which is also part of a factory for making automata, but she isn’t home. Yukina then asks for her adoptive father instead. Things begin coming together as Beatrice Basler comes to meet them. She is the “BB” from the last episode that was attacking the airship. She’s also a registered demon. She explains that she is something like Kensei’s “secretary”. I find that pretty funny.

Yukina says that she’d rather speak with Kensei, but Beatrice says that he isn’t on the island right now and has taken his daughter with him. Then who was it that looked just like Kanase? Beatrice is up to something as she offers to have them taken to Kensei. Kojou and Yukina are taken in a plane and it looks like Yukina has a fear of flying. She screams and Kojou takes her hand. He tells her that Nagisa hates to fly and it seems to calm her when he holds her hand. Well, it works for Yukina too! LOL

While in the air, they talk about Kanase, her father, his research, and Possession Mask. But I think they should be careful of what they say in front of that pilot. Kojou thinks Kensei altered his and turned her into a killer, but Yukina thinks it’s the other way around. Yukina reminds Kojou that Kanase is adopted. It shocks Kojou to think that Kensei adopted her just to alter her, and now he wants to help Kanase.

It’s funny that the pilot called them an “idiot couple” and said that he was interrupting their “flirting”. They are almost to an island and the pilot makes a rushed descent, causing Yukina to scream and hang on to Kojou. And he did his share of yelling as well. LOL The plane lands and Yukina is just too happy to be on the ground again. Kojou doesn’t see anything and can’t believe anyone else is on this island. The pilot tells Kojou that he’ll probably see them sooner or later – if he can stay alive. With that the pilot closes the plane’s door and begins to take off. Kojou runs alongside and the pilot tells him to blame Beatrice.

Well, for now, it’s just Kojou and Yukina, on an island, alone. Yukina lists their basic needs, water, food, and shelter. LOL But I think Kojou has other things in mind. Or maybe not as he tells Yukina it would really “suck” if they had to live there. Yukina doesn’t quite appreciate that as he breaks a tree limb to use as a marker. LOL And Kojou has to ask her if she’s mad! Duh! They find shelter when they come across some guard posts and they also find evidence of a recent gunfight. Kojou thinks it’d dangerous to stay there, but they don’t have much choice.

Sayaka is investigating the destroyed monastery that Kanase grew up in. She bumps into Yaze there and remembers him being with Dimitrie. She wants to know who he really is and Yaze says that he’s just Kojou’s classmate. But he’s willing to make a deal with her. He knows exactly who Sayaka is and doesn’t want her to tell anyone, including Kojou and Yukina, who he is. He can also give her some info on where Kojou and Yukina currently are. But they are interrupted by Nagisa and Asagi looking for Kojou and Kanase. Unfortunately, Sayaka and Asagi recognize one another from the rooftop the other day. LOL they begin to argue.

Yukina has prepared a meal all made out of coconuts. Kojou tastes her “soup” and tells her that he’s reminded of a time when he and Nagisa played house and he got sick to his stomach. LOL Yukina won’t even ask him why he’s mentioning it now. Kojou also just remembered his date with Asagi to pose for her. Oops! Yukina thinks that might be a good thing if she misses him enough to look for him, but Kojou says it will be a bad thing if she runs into Magus Craft and Beatrice. But it’s a nice evening and the kids enjoy it.

It’s too late anyway. Asagi has already found them. She also finds out that Magus Craft has a lot to hide. Sayaka knew she was good but not this good. She asks Asagi who she is and is told that she’s just a high school student. Asagi wants to know if Sayaka can really save Kojou and “the girl”. LOL Sayaka tells Asagi that she has connections and can send a Coast Guard boat out to get them. Asagi also wants to know what her relationship is with Kojou. Sayaka wants to know the same thing about Asagi. Yaze is just sorry to be in the same room with these two jealous girls. He reminds them that Kojou and Yukina are all alone on that island!

Kojou wakes up freezing. There’s a fire, but no Yukina. He follows her footprints into the trees Sayaka and Asagi call a truce for now, but Asagi does want to know why Sayaka was researching Kanase. Sayaka tells her that someone wanted to meet her. She was supposed to guard this person, but she went missing – the princess of Aldegyr. Kojou comes upon a pond and the full moon moves out from behind the clouds. There, in the moonlight, a beautiful girl is bathing in the water, and it isn’t Yukina! LOL I think Kojou just found the missing princess.


If Kojou keeps this up he is totally going to win the Best Harem award.

-Sword Shaman
-War Dancer
-Super Hacker

and he still has at least one more familiar to unlock.

Interesting bit of Trivia about this show:

The Opening Song

“Strike The Blood” - Kishida Kyodan & Akeboshi Rockets

-It’s by the same group that did the High School of the Dead opening song.

Episode 11 –


Well the girl obviously isn’t Yukina, but Kojou thinks that maybe she’s Kanase. She turns and looks at him and Kojou is hit with an intense hunger. He clutches at his chest. The pain lessens and Kojou ends up with a nosebleed, as usual. However, when he looks up, the girl is gone. A voice behind him tells him not to move. It’s a naked Yukina, but she has her spear, and she’s ready to kill him. LOL No peeking!

Yukina notices that he’s been bleeding and Kojou explains that he saw a girl that looked like Kanase in the water. But she was more “mature” and “bigger”. LOL Yukina asks for his jacket and once she’s covered, she lets him turn around. But Yukina tells Kojou not to stare at her. LOL Yukina believes that he saw a girl and wants to look for her. Yukina knows that Kojou may be a pervert, but he doesn’t lie! LOL

As they search, they happen to see a boat. Kojou thinks it’s a rescue until Yukina points out that it’s from Magus Craft. The boat turns on searchlights and lands on the beach. Kojou and Yukina run, but where can they go on an island? They are soon shot at. Yukina fights the soldiers that came after them. She defeats them, but one gets back up. They aren’t human! Soon they are all back on their feet, and Kojou and Yukina are surrounded. Kojou is thinking of using a Familiar, but they are saved by someone else.

It’s that girl! Yukina recognizes her weapon as a “curse gun”. The girl takes them to safety and tells them that her name is La Folia Rihavein – yup, she’s the princess. But she tells Kojou that it’s their second meeting. He doesn’t remember her at all. The princess tells them that the soldiers are automata, and that she’s used her last bullet. Kojou wants to take the boat until the princess tells him that it’s remote controlled and useless. More automata get off the boat and Kojou faces them. He calls forth Regulus Aurum and destroys both the soldiers and the boat.

On another ship, Beatrice is speaking with Kensei about their “artificial angel”. He tells her that once a “Angel Faux” reaches level seven, she is “a natural disaster” and “uncontrollable”. He tells Beatrice that they can no longer use her as a tool. Kensei also says that “an awakened Angel Faux fights enemies as her instincts dictate, and when she has completed her duty, she achieves Ascension.” It looks that this is some kind of weapon that Beatrice is in business to sell. It looks like royal blood is the key as well, which explains why they are after the princess. Beatrice and Kensei also discuss Kojou and Yukina. Kojou is needed for the Angel Faux’s “final evolution”. Beatrice also mentions that La Folia is on the same island.

La Folia explains to Kojou and Yukina that Magus Craft is after her, well her royal blood to be precise. She tells them that Kensei was once a mage in Aldegyr’s palace and why he wants her. La Folia also tells them that Kanase is her grandfather’s daughter and is the result of an affair he once had. They talk more about Kanase and what she is. But they hear another boat coming and this one has a white flag. It’s Kensei! He speaks of the Angel Faux and he really is a monster. Beatrice has come with Kensei and they want the princess. They intend to make her an Angel Faux too.

They’ve also brought Kanase with them. They want Kojou to fight her, so she can kill him and increase their sales. Yukina attacks her, but it’s no use, and ends up facing Beatrice instead. Kanase attacks Kojou, but how can he fight a friend? He calls a Familiar, but it’s useless against Kanase. She ends up defeating him. But something is happening to Kanase. Is it Ascension? As Yukina tries to awaken Kojou, Sayaka is on the ship and fighting the automata. She thinks she’s alone, but Natsuki is there. At least Natsuki tells Sayaka where everyone is, and that Kojou is in trouble again.

Episode 12 –


Except for one wound, Kojou has healed, but he hasn’t woken up yet. But because of that one wound, his life is still in danger. La Folia says that there is still a blade in the wound, but it isn’t one they can see or touch. La Folia is going to try to wake up a Familiar that will help him. How are they going to do that while Kojou is unconscious? La Folia begins to undress. She thinks that even if Kojou is unconscious, he can still be stimulated enough to draw out his urge to feed.

So, La Folia has been sitting there half naked, talking to Yukina very matter of factly, and now she’s embarrassed as she leans over to kiss Kojou? LOL Yukina stops her! Jealous maybe? La Folia thinks Yukina is concerned for her. However, Kojou needs someone and she’s perfectly willing to offer herself. Yukina says that she will do it instead. She explains to La Folia that it’s her job because she’s his observer. Such a flimsy excuse!

Yukina open her blouse and cuts her arm. Sucking out her own blood she kisses Kojou and La Folia is just fascinated. Kojou semi awakens and Yukina is happy to see that, but he grabs her and deepens the kiss. Yukina has to come up for air, but La Folia tells her to keep going. LOL But Kojou takes matters – and Yukina – into his own hands. Yukina tells La Folia not to look. Like she’s really not going to! LOL Yukina strokes his hair as Kojou feeds on her and when he’s done, his wound heals. He finally comes to himself and is very surprised to see a passed out Yukina beneath him with her blouse open. Kojou truly amuses me. LOL

La Folia explains what happened, and Kojou now knows that Yukina has saved him once again. She also explains what happened to Kanase. She’s still there, encased in her tower of ice. La Folia tries to figure out why the new Familiar hasn’t appeared, and then she makes a pass at him! Kojou backs up from her and she feels a little rejected. She asks him if she isn’t as attractive as Yukina and Kojou tells her that’s exactly the problem. La Folia then walks over to him and sits in his lap, straddling him, and asks him if he wants to save Kanase. He says that he does. She places her hands on his shoulders and giving her royal name and title, orders him to take her blood!

Kojou has changed. Instead of jumping her, he asks her if it’s necessary. LOL That must have made La Folia feel good. She says that it is necessary and puts her arms around him. He does the same, and telling her not to regret it, takes a good healthy bite out of her neck. Meanwhile, Kanase is in her own little world and thinks she’s killed Kojou. However, the ice cracks and Kojou hugs her from behind, telling her that he will save her. Kensei sees movement in the ice and sees a Familiar burst from it, shattering it. He also sees that Kojou is alive and is happy, telling Kojou that Kanase should have one more battle with him. What a…… never mind. But Kensei does have a very twisted view of parenthood.

Beatrice interrupts them. The greedy woman has made her own Possession Masks to sell. But they are clones and not very good ones. However they are enough to cause some damage here. And Beatrice wants La Folia to clone. That was her true purpose all this time. Kojou is mad now and vows to protect both Kanase and La Folia. He says that it’s his fight now and Yukina joins him. And Kanase finally comes out of her ice tower.

The fight doesn’t last very long and La Folia has a surprise of her own up her sleeve. The only thing left is for Kojou to save Kanase. Kojou summons his new Familiar, Al-Maisan Mercury, a two headed dragon. It attacks Kanase, but she transforms again. However, Yukina is able to attack her now and Al-Maisan Mercury takes care of the rest. The last bad guy Kojou faces is Kensei and he isn’t even worth it, so Kojou just walks away, leaving his fate to others.

By now, Natsuki and Sayaka have brought the ship to the island. Kanase wakes up and La Folia tells her that she had a bad dream. Kanase is a bit confused, and La Folia tells her that Kojou and Yukina saved her. La Folia tells Kanase that she’s her family too. Yaze later questions Kensei and is told that the appearance of the Fourth Progenitor means that they are out of time, and that something is yet to come. It looks like Kensei may be able to continue his research as well, but for a new boss.

Natsuki will be Kanase’s guardian for now. I thought she would stay with La Folia, but I guess that isn’t possible. La Folia comes to say good bye and kisses Yukina on both cheeks, but kisses Kojou fully on the mouth. Neither Yukina nor Sayaka liked that! LOL And that kiss was not only witnessed by his sister, who questions him, but also Asagi! She didn’t appreciate that kiss either. Poor Kojou just can’t control his women. LOL Actually, seeing Asagi reminds him that he wanted to ask her about the kiss she gave him, but she claims that it was just a greeting. Sure, okay. Now, Yukina wants to know what happened with Asagi. I think Kojou needs a vacation. Alone! LOL

Episode 13 –


La Folia is finally returning home as Sayaka sees her off. But it looks like La Folia would like to stay for the Halloween Festa. Not happening as Sayaka escorts her to her private plane. However, on the way to the plane, they end up somewhere else. Well, that was weird.

It was funny to see Kojou and Yukina on the crowded train, trying very hard not to bump into one another. Of course, that was impossible! LOL The Halloween Festa is always a big event on the island, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be a little different this year. Kojou tries to stop a molester and ends up getting accused himself – by his sister’s homeroom teacher. It’s cleared up quickly though and it turns out that the girl Kojou was trying to help was Natsuki in disguise. She caught the real molester. It seems that everyone is warning Kojou about the Halloween Festa, so I’m sure something good is going to happen.

That night, tentacles reach out of the ocean and attack a defensive line of soldiers. Two sisters float in the air above the scene, one with a book. The other mentions that they’ve returned after ten years and had expected a better welcome. The girls turn out to be “class 1 criminal magicians, the Meyer Sisters”, aka the “Witches of Ashdown”. Yup, it’s going to be an interesting Halloween Festa!

Kojou goes to the airport to meet an old friend and his “entourage” tags along. Yuuma turns out to be a pretty girl and that doesn’t sit well with Kojou’s jealous ladies. LOL And is it strange that she resembles one of the witches? Kojou hasn’t seen Yuuma in four years and the friends show her around the city. Yuuma notices the way Yukina looks at Kojou and is another one that thinks she’s his girlfriend. But Kojou explains that Yukina is only a friend and his sister’s classmate. Yuuma seems to think that Kojou is a bit clueless in that area. LOL

Kojou gets a call from Sayaka’s phone, but it’s La Folia. Sayaka takes the phone back and begins to tell Kojou something, but then Asagi and Yaze receive calls as well. Both calls seem to relate to the incident with the witches. Sayaka tells Kojou how they were warped to the subfloat on the way to the plane. They tried to get back, but each time, they end up somewhere else. While Kojou is on the phone, Asagi and Yaze rush past and get on the elevator. As they leave, Astarte arrives to tell Kojou that she’s lost contact with Natsuki and she’s missing! And now Kojou has lost contact with Sayaka and La Folia as well.

It’s the “Halloween Festa Night-Before Party” in the city, but Kojou and the others are worried about their friends. Yuuma is staying with Kojou and Nagisa, while Yukina takes care of Kanon and Astarte at her place. Yuuma tells Kojou that he and Yukina “smell the same” but she avoids it when Kojou questions her. When he later steps into the bathroom to take his bath, he ends up in Yukina’s bathroom and finds Astarte and Kanon there. At least when he backs out, he’s back in his own apartment. But he does go back to Yukina later on to discuss it.

Kojou wants to talk about how he warped there, but Yukina is more interested in the fact that Kojou saw the girls naked. Once Yukina is satisfied with his apology, they do talk about how what happened to Kojou might be connected to Sayaka and La Folia. Yukina thinks there may be some kind of distortion around the island and that it isn’t a coincidence. They just decide to be careful for now, but Kojou gets nervous every time he opens a door. LOL

Kojou does make it safely home, but Yuuma startles him and he drops a glass. He cuts his finger as he picks up the pieces and Yuuma sucks on it, before she gives him first aid. They talk a little of the past and Kojou is very aware of Yuuma’s sexy outfit. Yuuma tells him that it’s a witch costume that she plans on wearing for the Halloween Festa. Kojou is feeling a bit awkward, but manages to compliment her. Yuuma asks him how he would feel about her if she wasn’t human anymore. Kojou reassures her, telling her that he has many non-human friends. But he also seems to think she’s joking.

Yuuma tells Kojou that he’s the “only one for her”. What? As the countdown to the Halloween Festa begins, Yuuma tries to seduce Kojou. She kisses him as the fireworks go off over the city. Something appears behind Yuuma, and it looks like Kojou loses consciousness. This makes me think that Yuuma really is Octavia. Kojou wakes up the next morning, thinking he dreamed that Yuuma kissed him. But he feels weird and when he looks in the mirror, he’s Yuuma! I can only imagine the fun now! LOL

I’m sorry but Dr. Rockzo summarily rejects that, kekeke yeah. That is too serious for a show which features the main female character accusing the main female character of using her as an emotional fluffwr. Yous ams knows what eyes ams talks abouts.

Ep. 15

WARNING! Do not miss the post credits sequence! You Have Been Warned!


PS I hate the new opening. It hasn’t grown on me yet.

Will do!

Episode 14 –


It was really funny watching Yuuma trying to convince the girls that he was really Kojou. But I think he did enjoy himself when he first walked in on them as they were dressing. He finally convinces them, but Yukina did not like hearing about that kiss! LOL The real Yuuma has not only disappeared with Kojou’s body, but she may have taken Nagisa too. At least Yukina comes up with what probably happened and it all ties in to the space distortions. And she comes up with the fact that Yuuma must be a witch.

Still I wonder why Yuuma needs Kojou’s body. She also isn’t one of the Meyer Sisters as I first thought. Dimitrie attacks them on a rooftop as they are talking about using the “Blue Witch”. Is that who Yuuma really is? When Kojou arrives, Dimitrie knows right away that it isn’t Kojou, but he is wearing a nice vampire costume. LOL She introduces herself to Dimitrie as the daughter of the Witch of Notaria. That particular witch is the high librarian of the Library organization and the one that had caused all the distortion problems ten years ago.

Meanwhile, the real Kojou and company are enjoying the Halloween Festa. Kojou would rather be looking for Yuuma and his body, but they haven’t a clue where to start. Actually, Yukina can break the spell at any time, but Yuuma would be hurt in the process and Kojou doesn’t want that. So, they need to come up with something else. And it’s sweet that the girls would rather see Kojou back in his own body. Actually I do too! LOL It was hysterical when Kojou asked for advice on how girls use the bathroom. Apparently, Yukina refuses to let that happen, so I hope Kojou won’t have to go for a while! LOL

So, Yuuma is there, in Kojou’s borrowed body in order to free her mother from prison. I’m not sure how Dimitrie feels about that, but Yuuma does tell him that other criminals are going to be set free as well. She knows that Dimitrie seeks a worthy opponent, so I guess he isn’t going to do anything to stop her. But both Kojou and Yukina feel his power being activated, and they can tell where Yuuma is. Leaving Kanon in Astarte’s care, they run off, only to end up in another distortion field.

Dimitrie watches as the sisters protect Yuuma from the defense forces. Onlookers think that it’s all part of the Halloween Festa events. It takes a while for Kojou and Yukina to get there, but they finally arrive. However, when they enter the building, they are met with another distortion and end up in a girl’s locker room. I laughed when Yukina told Kojou not to look. How are these two going to get to where they need to be? Luckily, Asagi has sent Kojou an app to use against the distortions. But it looks like Asagi’s AI is secretly working with Yaze and sent Kojou the app, along with a picture of the sleeping Asagi. Yukina didn’t appreciate that either! LOL

At least the app works, and after a few warps, Kojou and Yukina arrive at the roof of the Keystone Gate. It was nice to see how Kojou and Yuuma first met and became friends, but I suppose they will have to face one another as enemies now.