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I was sure the CDC classified Wicca’s diary as a level 5 biohazard and it is extremely contagious and dangerous to living creatures (at least their morality).

the answer… because all girls that look like Rei are a complete psychopath just like she is (they are clones of Lillith afterall). I mean just look what she did to Shinji!


Hehe… are you saying that I talk too much? :stuck_out_tongue: Of course, if I jumped in on some of the convos’ about all of the anime series… I probably wouldn’t shut up. Great issue, Outlander! I like the picture… do you have the link to the original by any chance?

Too funny! :laugh: He is a fox after all.


Jeeze outlander, you’re still doing this?

Wow, I have some catching up to do


[quote=“Haissan” post=150824]Jeeze outlander, you’re still doing this?

Wow, I have some catching up to do[/quote]

You’re still alive!?


How the heck did you get my diary? I thought I had it safely hidden!

Were you in my drawers again?


:slight_smile: A good night, eh?


click on pic for larger image


Wow, it’s really been a year since I last checked out this thread. I see that I missed a lot. Good to see that it’s still going!


‘Guess Lumis’ Secret Vice’… Oh dear God, no! Anything but that! :silly::stuck_out_tongue:

A great and funny article as usual my good man… thanx again, Outlander!


What do I win if I guess correctly?


You get to be part of the vice


That might be fun…


licking Froggy’s?

or is it toads people use for that?


I’m okay even without knowing Lumis’s vices. Some things are better left unknown…


Lumis…vices Hmmmm I don’t know him that well :S




[quote=“outlander” post=161716]BACK AGAIN!!


Hmmm I am not Cute


It took me a while to get catch up to read all of this one and I really enjoy it with good laughers.



A few notes:
My dungeon is NOT a 'vacation spot’
Most of the new members ARE cute!
Welcome back to Pretear & Shadycat!
I must say that pocky & tequila go well together, but finding the correct flavors of pocky HAS been a challenge.


I am pretty sure that is not what he was saying. :blush: Kind of like saying “Isn’t that beautiful” when seeing something beautiful or “aren’t those the best” when a tool operates exceptionally.

For phrases like that, I am pretty sure the stress is on the subject (that/those/they). “Are they not cute?” in a rhetorical manner, with the answer generally being implied as a “yes” (especially due to “Awww…”). :side: