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[quote=“Iron K. Tager” post=161749]

I am pretty sure that is not what he was saying. :blush: Kind of like saying “Isn’t that beautiful” when seeing something beautiful or “aren’t those the best” when a tool operates exceptionally.

For phrases like that, I am pretty sure the stress is on the subject (that/those/they). “Are they not cute?” in a rhetorical manner, with the answer generally being implied as a “yes” (especially due to “Awww…”). :side:

lol all I was saying …is why must we newcomers be called cute … .we are just testing the waters …to reveal our master plan :evil:


[quote=“Slowhand” post=161745]A few notes:
My dungeon is NOT a 'vacation spot’
Most of the new members ARE cute!
Welcome back to Pretear & Shadycat!
I must say that pocky & tequila go well together, but finding the correct flavors of pocky HAS been a challenge.[/quote]

While on vacation at Slowhand’s dungeon, I did attend one of her pocky & tequila parties. What a wild night that was! Thankfully, I don’t remember much, but the pictures were interesting…


That is a gorgeous picture, it’s blended so well!!!



Why does this issue not cost more?
Outlander, you shouldn’t give the impression that you are ‘never’ punished.


All right Slowhand! Now, all of your secrets are revealed, and your dirty laundry is getting aired in pubic!

:laugh: :blink: :laugh: :unsure: :laugh: :huh: :laugh: :blush: :laugh: :S :laugh: :wink:

Or Perhaps I shouldn’t say anything. I’ve no wish to be the target of the next exposé!

Well, I did enjoy the “Basement Pictorials” very much - some interesting pictures there. I wonder how you got the camera positioned for some of those shots. Then again, never mind! It’s best not to know.

Fantastic issue, outlander!


So it borrows from a previous issue, and not up to his standards but,…

EDIT (2014/10/24): Fixed this idiot forum to properly display this post.


A beautiful tribute, shadzar!


I had a proposal to make, and have mentioned it to a few others, what do you guys think about taking turns to make an issue here and there? I even mentioned the idea of splinting it between two people… one writes the topic headers and the other does the art for the cover. Just bounce some thoughts off me if anyone is interested! I thought this would be a nice tradition to keep.


That does sound nice. Lumis


Lumis .,

That is a very good idea to do that.



this is just a little something i did to add to the TAN Magazine. But i think i messed up the pic i was trying to convert a file but anyway. Heres my first entry to the Magazine. and correct my time of date on 2005 when TAN started.


Awesome Kyouta


thanks sky


My pleasure kytou , I wonder when there will be another issue


This is my second issue that I’ve made and as you can see it’s way better then the first one but anyway enjoy the new issue


Very nice @Kyouta. Looking forward to future issues. :grinning:


Bribe mods??? :wink:


Or give them a nice tip for the good job they do:grinning: