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Welcome to everyone on TAN This is the anime network version of Saturday Night Live

U can ask me questions that U may have floating around in UR mind and I will answer whatever kind of questions U asks
And there will be questions for the Guests ( member )

My question
How long do U spend a day on TAN

UR Question
So what question do u have for me

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As I have my phone on me at all times, out of a technically, 24 hours a day.

Actually on the website though, maybe an hour or so a day.

My question

What show are you most exctied for in the Winter 2019 season?


Good question
But my anime watching rate has taking a fall
But out of all the 2019 winter lineup Yakusoku no Neverland seems like the most fun to watch

My Question
How many anime series do u own


If you count physical releases only (digital equals in the thousands :joy:), maybe about 120 different shows.

Next Question

What show turned you on to anime?

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toonami was the biggest reason that i got into anime with all their shows

My Question

how many people u think on average in the usa that watch anime

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