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The Official Pony Thread


Phillies and Gentlecolts, it is hereby declared, by the power vested in me, granted by the State of Affairs, Release this thread to deal with any and all things pony related, presented with full honors and privileges thereof.

this thread is GAR



I like my colts golden.


I like mine’s…smooth


tonka wrote:

Oh! A Mustang!


Slowhand wrote:

[quote]tonka wrote:

Oh! A Mustang![/quote]

Here’s another one.


tonka wrote:

[quote]Slowhand wrote:

Oh! A Mustang!

Here’s another one.[/quote]


Fluttershy! Everyone’s being mean!!! :frowning:

I think it’s a good thread though Haissan… what do you think Fluttershy?


Post Ponies!?!?


I found this image…its a good one


Oh, I just figured out the image posting thingy


Let’s see… I have a lot of decent pictures I think… I know! I’ll post all the pictures that Lauren Faust drew herself.


Pinkie Pie when she was a Pegasus



and the 6 main characters

Next time, I’ll post something more fun!


oh i see where they got the photograph’s image layout from


I gots a pony graph for you all, try not to laugh


Just got off pony-chan, it was hard


I just woke up! So it’s time for some cereal!


I got something for sbitzer, something to ponify his account with, well in baby steps

Humanified DJ PON-3


Vinyl Scratch!


If only DJ PON-3 had headphones I’d use the bobble-head gif as my sig. Nice find, Haissan!

EDIT - I did, however, find this.


Hornet65 wrote:

[quote]Vinyl Scratch!


Yeah, but the DJ name is PON-3

also, the humanified version is still perfect I think, if not…lemme check for something