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000-500-Red fox in a winter forest




Today, let’s all take a moment to watch this amazing Corgi butt video from Japan【Video】

Full points for speed, enthusiasm, and especially adorableness




In tribute to a friend we love.


You all are going to love this, reply is set to assist in quick jumping to the original post.
Abiit sed numquam oblitus.

PBS presents:

The Anime Chef with Haissan

(Cue French music)

{Bad Julia Child Impression}

Welll Hellloooo!! Welcome to the anime chef! My name is Haissan. All too often the only good cooks in anime are robot maids and Girls under 12 years old. I will help you become a great anime chef yourself.

Today we are preparing “ Zombie Chicken Surprise” This is a difficult dish to fix as it is a zombie chicken, it will not die, even with it’s head cut off it tends to constantly move off the plate. I know what you thinking. Cook zombie chicken is bad mojo. We know. We’ll use a Shaman try to curse the chicken. Every anime kitchen should have a Shaman

OK. Secret recipe is homemade spice from Shaman. It includes crushed ginger root and scorpion venom. No matter what scorpion, but Death Stalker Scorpion is best. Rub into the chicken and let rest during full moon. If quarter moon, let rest for about the time it takes for Goku to power up

This dish needs to roast quickly, so I recommend an oven temperature of 1500 degrees. If your oven can’t get this hot, try the tradition anime method of explosives.
As with most anime meals it is also accompanied by spicy curry. When I say spicy, I mean hot. And heat is the only way of subduing your walking dead chicken. I love fire as much as the next guy who isn’t actually on fire at that particular time, but when your kitchen physically explodes and your food tastes like eternal burnation, it’s probably a good time to ease up on the Nitro Glycerin or any of the other wide assorted explosive liquids offered at your local friendly supermarket. Also, despite how it looks, microwaves are not inherently designed to store dynamite inside.

By some supernatural talent, anime girls who can’t cook have the ability to make explosives out of regular every day cooking ingredients that in any other sense outside of bubble reality of comedic relief would result in minor side effects of third degree burns and spontaneous decapitation. It’s actually a surprisingly useful talent — if it were used for anything other than actual cooking. In truth though, the old saying “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is nothing more than a myth… nope, the best way to a man’s heart is in the form of an overpowering explosion of unrivaled death and destruction.

The people you serve your overly fresh fiasco to will usually be quite polite and downplay the situation as well as humbly noting the entire possibility of their impending doom and ruination for marriage, but rest assured, what they really are trying to say is that they do not particularly wish to die on that given day or lose their virginity to a giant man eating squid.

If you do not buy your food from a grocery store which has a good reputation for murdering everything you can buy in it first, be sure to thoroughly stab and decapitate what you intend to cook when you get home.

This dish will have a side of egg omelets. Yes, omelets can be very tasty, but only if other people can actually recognize them as something other than a big purple towering monstrosity with a seven foot tall tentacle sticking out of them. If you positively must cook an egg dish, use liquid eggs, the type that come in cartons that don’t even remotely resemble actual eggs, they’re easy to use and don’t involve eggshells so your cooking will decidedly involve less hot smoking shell shrapnel in mouth action. Remember, not killing your guests is half of the battle!

On a Side note, a common mistake for anime girls, especially when making bento box lunches is that they make one huge towering ziggurat of culinary chaos unable to be eaten by all who gaze upon it. Now this all fine since more is normally a good thing, but for anime male leads, there’s an unwritten rule that you absolutely positively must eat every single thing that is given to or die a virgin (allegedly), so when you combine these two events together, you experience the magic that can only be described as a stomach explosion of gastronomic proportions. In all fairness, it’s fricken’ hilarious to watch.

{Loud Explosion}

Ah! The Zombie chicken with curry and omelets is done. Have with sake. Lots of it

Next week we prepare “San Ham”"

I felt it Prudent to do a full reading of this:

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Imma be honest, I thought of you after making this but I think we can agree that tome is the book of outlander. You are the Great UwU.

well, I ran across something I was not prepared for. i was fluffing my read topics numbers and ran across something old. Made my heart jump



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