Time for my Intro!

Hello everyone! OK, so I’ve been here for almost a year now and I never even introduced myself! So here goes…

To me, anime is nothing short of amazing as far as animated TV is concerned. Living in the US, I grew up with the usual cartoons that this country had to offer, like those seen on Cartoon Network. I was generally fine with it for a while…

But then came 1999 and the introduction of Pokemon. When I first saw it, I thought to myself “Wow, the style of this is very different!” I couldn’t stop thinking aout how much more lively things looked compared to other cartoons. It was at this moment that my interest in anime got started.

After the first couple seasons, I stopped watching it for a while, and started watching other series off and on, like Yu-Gi-Oh, DBZ, and Bleach, but nothing really caught my attention for a while. I think I was too focused on school to be that concerned with it.

It wasn’t until about two years ago that I started regaining my passion for anime. I started doing some research to see if I could find any new shows that caught my eye. I was impressed with Kyoto Animation’s work, but there was only one show of theirs I just couldn’t get enough of…

You guessed it! Clannad! I couldn’t get over how great the storyline was, the soundtrack, and the incredible detail of the scenery, which is some of the best I’ve ever seen. So far, this is the only anime that has been able to make me cry, and to me, that’s something I’ll never forget!

I have since moved on to college, but my interest in anime has never been higher! I’m not a collector of anime DVDs, and I don’t go to conventions; i’d rather just watch it online. I like any anime with a good storyline, with some good comedy thrown in the mix.

Sorry about the life story. :unsure: I hope to get to know everyone here well!

P.S: You guys can call me Scott. Also, anyone else sick of all this snow?? :huh:

Welcome to TAN, hope you enjoy the site. As for snow we don’t have any currently but may get some tonight.

Hehe, welcome(kind of), and on the snow topic, I live in Texas, Southern Texas so there is never any snow here, only thing we get is ice (if even that).

:laugh: Yeah, sorry, I kinda meant that to be directed towards everyone in the NE who’s getting pounded AGAIN by another blizzard! I remember back in December when they said we’d have a quiet winter! :S

Well, it’s pretty quiet when the snow falls and everyone stops driving around…

Welcome to this warm little place where the snow never falls unless we want it to. I’m always glad to have a fellow Clannad fan come aboard.

Snow Round 3 is going to begin shortly I think. We’re supposed to get 15 inches where I live in New York.

Speaking of anime and art, this is one of my favorite videos on the subject…

Hello and Welcome to TAN!

Welcome to the TAN forum … where Clannad fans abound. :slight_smile:

I am Outlander, the resident 4chan /a/non. the most normal person here on TAN. Ask anybody.

We like to give new-comers welcome gifts

Please accept this delicious Cake


That cake will not do… It needs to be much more manly! Like this cake here…


See how Tom Selleck makes this cake much more manly!?[/spoiler]

Hornet65 wrote:

[quote]That cake will not do… It needs to be much more manly! Like this cake here…


See how Tom Selleck makes this cake much more manly!?[/spoiler][/quote]


Hello and welcome. I outright bawled multiple times while watching Clannad.

Outlander and Hornet65 are harmless as long as you don’t engage them in conversation. Whatever you do, don’t look them straight in the eye, however…

Oh, I’m well aware of their capabilities. As long as I don’t anger them…

Thanks everyone!

Newshawk wrote:

Hey! I’m perfectly normal Newshawk!

sbitzer wrote:

We have snow now and I’m blaming you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know about that Hornet65, I’d rather have a cake served by Misaki!


Welcome to TAN sbitzer!

Hehe, I’m with Rish on this one, Misaki makes some of the best cakes out there. swoon swoon

I welcome you with open arms, friend.

Welcome to you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the world of enchantment that is TAN! :slight_smile:

I’m a big Clannad fan too! And we didn’t get too much snow today, so I’ll take whatever you want to send my way! As for Outlander and Hornet65 - they are really, really nice and you can feel free to look them in the eye. Just don’t feed them after midnight or get them wet…