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Time Warner/Charter merger


Any idea at the moment how the merger is going to affect VOD for each company? That same could also be asked about Brighthouse (I think it’s called) that was also bought by Charter.


I have Time Warner myself, and we recently received a letter about the merger from TWC. It said that changes would be happening “in the future” and to “watch for it!”

Until we get closer to the actual merger, I don’t think there’s any way to know what this means for the VOD service.

TAN is aware of the change and will let all of us know whenever they learn anything.

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I figured it might be too early, but it never hurts to ask.

As an aside I think it’s very telling that I’ve been coming here, maybe not interacting but coming here, long enough to realize that an email in my junk folder from ‘mod whip mistress’ wasn’t spam at all but a reply to my question on this forum.


Guilty as charged.