Where I have been;

Wish I could say I had been on LadyOfWicca tropical island for the last week.

The whole mess started with a lot of muscle fatigue last week (6-10-2013). I took a nap after dinner and woke up with massive pain in my left thigh. The pain only got worse, so called 911.

They showed up and after a few seconds carried me downstairs. I had to look bad as they ordered two IV in the ambulance and ran the whole way with lights and sirens on. At that point still did not think it was super bad.

I had a lot of people working on me in the ER, in the morning they transferred me to ICU plus ordered a central line put in. That is when I knew it was bad for sure. I lost count of how many bags of drugs they hung up on the IV stands but it was by far the most I ever seen at two full stands worth.

They kept me there for three days and ordered a biopsy of the muscle in my left leg to see what was going on. They are still waiting as the results were odd and had to be sent to another specialist. I will hopefully know something next week after my followup with the Infection Specialist doctor. I spent the rest of the time in the surgical recovery wing.

This whole thing has been very strange. The doctors straight out told me later that they thought I might die that night. I have been thinking about that for days. I’m still processing it but plan to not worry about the small things so much. The most important to love the people close to me and make sure they know it.

I owe a big thanks to the Pasco Fire Department and staff of Kadlec Hospital for saving my life. I need to find out if Hallmark has a card for that. :slight_smile:

Goodness Shawn! We were worried about you, but I never expected this!

I’m very happy that you are still with us and I’m so sorry for what you had to go through, but I’m thankful as well for the great, skilled people that saved you.

I hope your tests come back okay. Please keep us posted. Live each day as it comes and each moment to the fullest and don’t sweat the small stuff. As you say, keep your loved ones close.

And my island shall welcome you anytime! :wink:

As for Hallmark - not needed! I think one of your posters would be so much better than anything Hallmark could come up with. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Please take care! I hope you are better soon!


It’s a relief to hear from you.

First & Foremost concentrate on getting well and yes don’t sweat the small stuff.

A hug & a cheer for the first responders, they do the hard job and do it well.

Mark Gosdin

Oh dear, Shawn, I was missing you and knew you wouldn’t stay gone for too long without saying something unless there was a good reason.

I’m so relieved to hear that you’re doing better now, but I’m sorry that you had to go through all that.

Concentrate on getting stronger and we’ll all be sending thoughts your way.

Just get well, that is your mission.

I am glad to hear that you are better now. I just hope you do not have anything too serious, but from your story it seems like it may be something to keep in mind. I wish for your speedy recovery and pray for your health. :slight_smile:

I hope you get well soon! :3

Just wanted to stop by and say I’m doing better. I have to keep my left leg elevated till the swelling is gone but its progressing well. It got very dicey in the ER as I was in septic shock and “acute kidney failure.” I will see the infection specialist doctor Tuesday and he will hopefully got some answers from the expert he sent my biopsy to. At this point just resting and spending time with my family.

Thanks for the well wishes.

Shawn, I am so glad you are doing better. I have my fingies and toesies crossed that you get some good news on Tuesday!

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, as will the Mrs!!!

Holy cow, Shawn! :ohmy::frowning: What has been going on lately!? First I end up in the hospital in near critical condition, and now you are going through all this too! From what you have said that you have been through, you have had it far worse though. That is some very scary stuff, and my thoughts and prayers have been with you. We are all waiting with open ears and fingers crossed that everything will turn out to be OK when you get your news from the doctor.

Get well my friend… and, we are all looking forward to your return to TAN! Hope to see ya’ back here soon… take it easy, Shawn.

Shawn, please feel better. I hope the visit with the specialist turns up some good news.

Felt well enough for a new poster. I will see the surgeon today to get the stitches out.

Great poster Shawn. I’m glad you’re feeling well. :slight_smile:

The stitches came out with no problem. The surgeon is stumped on why it happen. I hope the infection specialist can give me more info but have to be up early in the morning, so no update.

Saw the infection specialist and he said the biopsy showed nothing but Cellulitis. I still have some of the rash so he refilled one of my anti-biotic. I see my primary doctor tomorrow morning in the quest for more answers.

Cellulitis in your leg, or any part of your body really, can get pretty nasty. I’m glad you made it through your hospital stay and are feeling better. Is your kidney function doing better?

It’s good to have you back with us! I hope that you are able to find out some more answers to what was such a scary situation. I sure in heck would want to know what caused that. Anyway, take it easy Shawn, and I hope that you get everything figured out.

Keep kickin’ Shawn!!! I hope things turn out alright for you.

Kidney is doing OK, good thing I was in a habit of drinking lots of water.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

My primary thinks it may have been toxic shock that caused the reaction. He ordered some lab work and to see him again next week. He said it may remain a mystery on how it went from pain to near death so fast. sigh

Shawn, at least they caught it quickly!!!