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Allison & Lillia / Allison to Lillia

Allison & Lillia / Allison to Lillia

Genres: adventure, romance
Themes: military, spies, treasure hunting
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 2008-04-03 to 2008-10-02

Plot Summary: The story takes place on a continent where two countries are separated by Lutoni River and Central Mountains. The two countries, the Confederation of Roxche and the United Kingdom of Bezel Iltoa have been at war for over a century and now settled on a cease fire. Allison is a pilot in the Roxche air force and one day reunites with Will, her companion from the House of Future, where they were orphans. Together they find themselves embroiled in an adventure in enemy territory to find a fabled treasure that will hopefully end the war and bring peace to both countries.

Allison & Lillia info on ANN

Sounds like it might be interesting.

It actually does.
After looking over the descriptions, artwork, dvd cover, and screens on the online player, I’m actually really looking forward to seeing what this is like.

I’m getting a bit of a “Last Exile” vibe from the art work and description. I’m eager to see this series!

I’ve heard very mixed things about this one, but the premise sounds interesting and I really like the character designs. I enjoyed the OP that was on the Guin Saga previews as well. I will definitely be checking this one out.

I was just thinking that myself! It looks really good.

Ha…ha… :laugh:
Look at those long, bushy eyebrowns. So she is a real blond.

Either way, I’ll be snagging this.

So there…


I managed to find the opening/ending themes, but none with English subs at the moment.

It looks pretty good. I’ll be checking it out.

Thanks, sbitzer. The OP/ED look really good. I’m a sucker for anime with an aviation theme, so will be watching this.

Wikipedia says ‘The opening theme is “Tameiki no Hashi” by the Kuricorder Quartet and Shione Yukawa, and the ending theme is “Sayonara no Omajinai” by the Kuricorder Quartet and Soh Matsumoto.’

But the OP sounds familiar, like a Gaelic tune. :unsure:

Watched the first episode and enjoyed it.

I’m looking forward to Thursday when this hits the Online Player. Should be a good one.

Finished up ep. 01

Much like expected, I definitely enjoyed the first episode and can’t wait to see how things turn out.

First episode was good. I’m glad this show has 26 episodes and not 13. :wink:

I just finished watching the first episode and its got my attention no turning back now. I can’t wait to see the next episode. :pinch:

I really like the scenery in this one. It gives off a nice West European aura. I like that, and it makes me want to see more. B)

Thumbs up to the first episode as well

Very steampunk esque. The setting reminds me of Kino’s Journey.

Ha, that’s exactly what I said when I was looking at a small trailer of the show that spazzysam cut the other day.

Watched the second episode and really enjoyed it.

Love a good mystery! I enjoyed the first episode as well. Can’t wait to find out what is going on!