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Anime Network on Roku - Support Thread


Thanks! Just for clarification, I can watch the first episode in each series, but after that I get the login demand and authentication failure. If I go to settings, it has me already logged in as I would expect (trurl514), so it looks like it doesn’t think I have a subscription.


@Trurl514 - I’m sending you a PM to get a few more details to do further testing on your account.

UPDATE - I found the issue. PM’d you the details.


Sure enough, that was it. What’s funny is that the onscreen Roku instructions specifically told me NOT to use my email address as a login. Whatever…

Your support is great, folks. Thanks again and have a fantastic week!


I’m also experiencing the authentication error. I’m new to TAN and this is really starting to irritate me. I sent an email a few days ago and I still have yet to receive a response.


Hello Joelggundam,

Just letting you know that I responded to your email. Please check it and let us know if you are still experiencing the issues you reported in with.

Thank you,


I’m still having problems and I replied to your email almost a week ago.

I’m sending a PM. Hopefully, you’ll respond a bit quickly. I would like to get the problem hammered out soon.


Same here its been a week and a half and still doesnt let me in


I keep getting authentication failed for the 100th time


Mine fails as well, any word on why? My account was created by the roku and on the website I see that I’m premium and can watch videos. On the Roku the app logs in under “settings” but it wants me to log in again for each video, that part fails.

I’m on a two week trial, will the entire two weeks time out before I can even get in?


Sent you a PM.



Did anyone ever find an answer about why Roku sign ups don’t work? Is it the username? The Roku made my username automatically be my email and the Roku log in failure keeps saying NOT to use your email. That’s all I have though. Can I change my username so the system will accept me? When I go to the website and hit “forgot username” it just keeps telling me that my email is my username.

Until this gets fixed it would be better if TAN just directed people to the website. It’s a hassle yes but giving up accounts that don’t work is even more worrying.


Just to clarify. I can log in and watch movies on the website. I can log into the app on the Roku under settings. I can NOT watch a video because it asks for a second log in that will always fail. I see others had this issue before. What was the solution then? Also, will I get extra free time to make up for not being able to use my trial period?


@mkiker - Did you not read the PM that Mo sent to you, mentioned above?


Yes, it said that he was able to log in and see videos. I am as well, just not on the Roku. Same as people above me. I replied back immediately and did not get a response. Now they are closed and my free trial is wasting away,

I even made a new account with a different email and a username that is not an email. That one has me log in twice in a row and fails the second time. With it I can watch videos on the web, but still nothing on the Roku. I have a Roku 3 so it’s not like it’s an outdated model.

I’m a little annoyed at the wasted time. I like anime but Hulu and Crunchyroll both are going subtitle only so I was looking for a new source.


I am having the same problem and when I log on online and check under devices it does not show my roku


I suspect the problem isn’t with the Roku. Now be aware that I’m speaking out of my butt so to speak but I know a small amount about computing and system maintenance. Have you noticed how agonizingly slow the site is. Something is broken and I think that something is not communicating with the Roku. Of course it will be Monday before anyone looks into it. That is assuming the site isn’t always this slow but right now I couldn’t watch a video if I tried and I have 100Mbps so it’s not on my end.

In the meantime I did find an alternative. FUNimation has a Roku app and a fair amount of dubbed content. They also have a free two week trial that will get me through the long weekend. While others are with family I will be enjoying Bamboo Blade.


Just to confirm I was not actually able to watch a video. The connection is too slow. To verify that it was not on my end I ran a speed test with different servers and got an average of 95Mbps. Can anyone watch a video tonight?


Yup watching samurai bride with problem and I pimpin 55 Mbps so I dont think its the website. But I am using website not roku


You are better off than I am then. I can’t get the videos to play properly. The site is agonizingly slow at responding, although the forum half seems fine. Then when it does the videos take too long to load and I give up. Something is wrong with one of their CDNs at the very least.


still don’t see any improvements on the roku app it sucks it doesnt let me log in keep getting authentication failed message I am upset that you guys said that it will be fixed and it still isnt. It seems to me you guys don’t care and I havent gotten a response from the support email the problem is over a month now


Wait a minute, this is been going on for a month and moisme has the nerve to act like it’s something strange and that he will get in touch with Roku Monday?


It’s simple, fix the app or pull it from the store.