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Anime Network VOD Reports/Updates/Questions Thread (2016)


Cox Communication
Providence, RI 02907

Still Missing 3 episode from Thu. Dec 8, 2016
Nurse Witch Komugi R Ep.4
Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle Ep.10
Young Black Jack Ep.11

Received most of the Thu Dec 15, 2016 episodes, just missing 4 episodes.
Flying Witch Ep.11
Perfect Insider Ep. 10
To Loveru Ep. 10
Young Black Jack Ep. 12


Well contacted them about Flying Witch #8 and since the most recent updates the following are Missing

Suddenlink Cable
Parkersburg, WV 26101

Action Zone
Young Black Jack #11
Girl Power
Nurse Witch Komugi R #4


DirecTV Georgia, 30087

STILL MISSING from the 12/15 update
RIN-NE (23)



What about the following:
Elfen Lied, Ep 9 from the December 1 update
Nurse Witch KOMUGI R, Ep 4 from the December 8 update
To loveru, Ep 9 from the December 8 update
Young Black Jack, Ep 11 from the December 8 update



Others are reporting that Young Black Jack, Ep 12 showed up as Phantasy0112, could you check and see if you maybe received the same thing?


Time Warner/Spectrum - Los Angeles - 91367

All 12/15 updates received.

From 12/8 Gate 18 is still missing.


DirecTV Georgia, 30087

NO LONGER MISSING from the 12/15 update
RIN-NE (23)


Elfen Lied Ep 09 still missing (though 4 episodes listed on the Frontier menu - 07, 08, 10, 11)

Other 3 episodes are now available.
Nurse Witch KOMUGI R Ep 04
To LoveRu Ep 09
Young Black Jack Ep 11


Frontier Vantage TV (formally AT&T U-Verse), Trumbull, CT 06611

Sorry for the delay, here are the status’s of the last two weeks updates:

Dec 8th Updates:
All episodes updated except for: Nurse With KOMUGI R Ep 04

Dec 15th Updates:
All episodes updated.


No, I did not get a Phantasy 0112. Only have Phantasy Star Online 2 EPs. 11 & 12 and there was nothing wrong with these 2 episodes.
I haven’t received any of the missing episodes from December 8th & 12th.


St. Hyacinthe , QC J2R 2J4

Full update received

Also sent a reply for the PM


Spectrum/Time Warner Dayton OH 45420

All updates received for 12/15

Still missing Gate 18.


@Crowdfiller - Has any of the missing content from 12/15 become available yet?


@angelr, @gymanime

Hey Cox Customers,
We’re working with the Cox engineers to resolve the missing content.
They have requested some further information:

Which platform are these episodes missing from? Contour 1 or Contour 2



yup… Here’s my update

Eastlink TV

Dec 8
Nurse Witch KOMUGI R ep.4
Young Black Jack 11

Dec 15
All Content Received
Other issues:
Young black jack 12 was received. but on the List it’s listed as “Phantasy0112”, so guessing it’s mislabelled with the Phantasy Star online 2 episode (which we got earlier). But once selected for info it’s the proper info.


I watch the Anime Network on OnDemand.


Cox Communication
Providence RI 02907

Update on the missing December 8, 2016 episodes. I received all 3 of them today.

Cox Communication said that they are working with Anime Network on the missing episodes from December 15th.


Sorry, I need to clarify:

Cox needs to know if you are using the Contour or the Contour 2 platform to watch Anime Network onDemand.

Can you tell me which one you are using?


A Laconic Update to Updates Received/Not Received 12/15/16 :: Time Warner Cable :: Albany, NY :: Zip Code 12203

“Du gehst?” Not through Gate #18, you don’t!



Frontier FIOs 90505 (CA)

Update: there is 1 episode that has been deleted prematurely and needs to be reloaded on the menu.
Undefeated Bahamut Chronicles Episode 09

And the unusual problem of an episode that is named incorrectly on the menu is still there.
Young Black Jack Episode 12 is listed on the Frontier menu as Phantasy0112.

Elfen Lied Ep 09 still missing (though 4 episodes listed on the Frontier menu - 07, 08, 10, 11)