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Would like a favorites or some kind of bookmark. Ok I am new so if there is one I have not found it also why are some of the older anime only sub? like To Love Ru ? Although I saw where Samurai Bride is coming soon. and some of the script is messed up on the shows page if no one has mentioned it would be cool to have thumbnails for the shows or a description with the show titles on that page. I subscribed because of Ninja Scroll and High School of the Dead Which is my Favorite!! :slight_smile: any way thank you for your time people have probably already made these sort of suggestions I just don’t have time to read through all posts or maybe I’m lazy :slight_smile: :whistle:


For old titles, it is often the case where they’re not sure the title will sell enough to be worth the time and expense of creating a dub.

For some of the new titles, they are being simulcast, where we get to see new episodes within weeks of them being shown in Japan. For them, there is not enough time to get them dubbed; we get the broadcast (censored) version with subtitles. Later on, Sentai Filmworks gets the DVD (uncensored) version, and that gets dubbed.

Could you provide more details?

Note that there are two pages that list all the shows: Watch Online (with thumbnails) and A to Z Index (without). Each show has two main pages: Samurai Bride Info with thumbnails + description for each episode, and the Watch Samurai Bride.


P.S. The “bookmark” functionality does not work here on TAN. (I heard that Crunchyroll has a patent on it.)


I have another future site suggestion to propose. There are times that I will go back and dig for something pages upon pages deep in a thread. I may have to do this since the search feature is not always useful for finding certain things (Example: Like with pictures that another poster uploaded and posted here.) However when trying to go back several pages, it can be a little cumbersome when you can first only skip 5 pages back and then only 2 at a time after that.

It would be nice to have a small text field near the page number links where you can key in a particular page number to skip to. I have seen this feature before on other sites, though that does depend on the forum software used. Of course you may not know the exact page that the item you are looking for is on, but at least this would give you an easy ability to skip back several pages in a thread. Just a little thought to consider for the future… thank you.


I think that’s a great idea! I agree that the search function doesn’t always work in some cases for finding things. It would be nice to just jump to a certain page number when looking for something.


I would like it if I could pay for a subscription through paypal, or Amex. That is how I pay for Crunchyroll and Funimation. It would only make sense if I could do it here too.

Also I do have debit cards, do you take any of them?


To my knowledge, you can use normal debit cards. As I do, you can also use prepaid Visa and/or MasterCard Debit Gift Cards here as well as long as there are adequate funds on the card for your subscription. You will have to make sure to register those though with the same contact info that you supply here when subscribing for confirmation.

I hope this helps a little bit, and please feel free to post in the link that I am supplying you instead so that an Anime Network administrator can better help you…


Thank you, I will try my debit cards then.


I have an idea…how about a radio player for anime music? We could listen to music from our favorite shows while post on these threads.


That would be cool, and I hear you. The problem is that the Japanese record labels still hold an ironclad grip to the rights to the full versions of the songs that are featured within our favorite anime. It’s too bad since a lot of the songs are written specifically for the series in some cases.

The labels are starting to bring more and more J-pop/J-rock music videos to YouTube though. I remember just a couple years back that I couldn’t find a video there without it getting taken down due to copyright infringement by the uploader. They finally figured out that people wanted to see and hear their favorite Japanese artists. It’s slow but the official content is starting to grow more.

Heck, try going to and enter in some Japanese artists you like. They seem to have more foreign artists than Pandora from what I have noticed. I have some stuff that I have started of my own both there and on Pandora. You can tailor your own radio station in a way if that’s what you want. Hey, just a friendly suggestion.


There is a radio station that isn’t connected to this site, but I listen to it when I’m here - 91.8 The Fan -

Did you know about this one, Lumis? I thought you did, but if not, I think you’d enjoy it as well.


Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it.


[quote=“LadyOfWicca”]There is a radio station that isn’t connected to this site, but I listen to it when I’m here - 91.8 The Fan -

Did you know about this one, Lumis? I thought you did, but if not, I think you’d enjoy it as well.[/quote]

Oh sorry, I thought that I had left you a thank you for this. :pinch: Anyway, I was not aware of this particular station/site. Learning new things everyday… eh? Thank you, Wicca! Also, a thank you to Slowhand for first posting about it as well awhile back!


Here is a suggestion…Is there a page on this website by which people are given suggestions? Often not into a lot of the very mainstream stuff. I tend to like things on the edge of cult status like Evangelion, Serial Experiments, and Paranoia Agent. I have been finding many suggestions through Glass Refections Arkada on YouTube as my source as of late, but think it would be great to find another source to look to that actually knows anime as opposed to relying upon Netflix recommendations which can be a waste of time in my opinion (ie I have wasted time watching the shows Netflix suggests…)


You can just make a new thread in this category or in the forum ‘Other Anime’ and list anime that you like and ask for suggestions. I’m sure several of our members will come to your rescue.

Possibly, even this post will get you some answers…


I recommend checking Anime-Planet for recommendations.
Like Neon Genesis Evangelion, like Paranoia Agent, like Serial Experiments Lain.

For anime available AN Online Player, sounds like you might be interested in “Another”, “Beyond the Boundary”, “Book of Bantorra”, “Canaan”, “Dusk Maiden of Amnesia”, “Elfen Lied”, “Mardock Scramble”, “RahXephon”, “Shigofumi”, “Sunday Without God”, “Xam’d”.



Ummmmmm help the picture upload because sometimes it won’t let me upload some and on gaaralover1 my friend she trys to upload them and it won’t let her :dry:


This happens sometimes with certain pics’. I just helped someone else with this a day ago or so. Sent you a PM about this. :slight_smile:


So Lumis and I were talking and we got to discussing the karma around here. This has been one of the greatest features to be added on the site but there’s a way it could be even better and advance it further and that is by an achievement system, rewarding +1’s to posters for doing things on the site. When Lumis posted some of the ideas, I ran with it completely and thought it was brilliant. I took over and came up with some ideas of my own.

Between the two of us, these include:

ATTENTION GRABBER- ‘Thank You’ a total of 25 posts

ASIA SPECIFIC- Post 25 anime/Japan/China related items
[Note] This isn’t indicating EACH. Videos and/or pics recommended, not text. Just 25 posts total

MOD-IFY IT- Successfully get an approved series or movie added to Slowhand’s schedule thread

RULE THEM ALL- Follow the rules for 60 consecutive posting days
[Note] This would be each time you post on the boards. How would you know if you broke a rule? You’ll get a mod message. This will reset the achievement and you will have to start over.

STRONG DEDICATION- Watch 20 anime episodes within a week (TAN stream only)
[Note] Starts on Monday, ends on Sunday. If you fail to do 20, the achievement resets and you’ll have to try again.

CHANGE IS GOOD- Update your profile/sig/avatar 10 times
[Note] Again NOT each. Just 10 times total.

NEW WORLD- Become a member and post 5 times

THEY ALWAYS COME BACK- Log in 100 times

HOT TOPIC- Make a thread and get 2500 replies

FRIENDLY GESTURE- Friend 5 people or Approve 5 requests

AVID REPORTER- Assist Slowhand by making 20 VOD reports for your Cable/Satellite operator

HELPING HAND- Assist the Administrators by posting about various technical issues 25 times

-Even with this change, the posters themselves will still have a card to play as well.-

USER’S CHOICE- *Allows you to modify somebody’s karma ONCE a day. That’s it.
*[Note] This is where you won’t get a +1. It’s more or less the spirit of giving like it is now. Keep in mind that If you don’t choose to use it, they don’t build over time. It’s just there until you do. Once you use it, that option is locked out completely for the remainder of the day until midnight strikes (next day).

MASTER OF GENEROSITY- Pass along karma 25 times.
[Note] Here’s where it does pay off for the user and you get a +1. You give and you shall receive. Once a day= earn it on the 25th day.

In the spirit of fairness, these are the ones we could come up with. If you love the idea and would like to adopt it then:

1.) Once an achievement is unlocked, it can reset and a user can earn it again and again OR make it so you can only earn it once and then put it out of play. This could open the door for new achievement ideas/lists down the line like for seasonal events (new anime releases and holidays.) For ex. "Watch episode 1 of this, watch this trailer or post 5 festive winter/anime images. The mods and administrators can come up with ideas of their own here.

2.) You can add a new achievement category in our profiles. That way TAN posters and/or the public can see the list of all you have unlocked if you allow it. This would also become a new addition to RECENT ACTIVITY as well allowing people to see all the achievements everybody’s unlocked as it happens.

3.) An administrator can start a new thread about this in Announcements or create a new forum specifically for achievement lists and where users can post their thoughts as well.


I will suggest about a idea on the TAN fourm and commuity area .,

Is there a way that you can adjust the background colour ?

The reason why I suggest that due some of the members can not really stand the bright white background it can cause strain on the eyes even I turn down the brightness on my monitor some just enough to reduce the srain on the eyes.

So., if you can able put a option what the members can adjust to differnt shade of white or differnt background colour. that will help a bit with some peoples with senstive eyes.



[quote]STRONG DEDICATION- Watch 20 anime episodes within a week
[Note] Starts on Monday, ends on Sunday. If you fail to do 20, the achievement resets and you’ll have to try again.

CHANGE IS GOOD- Update your profile/sig/avatar 10 times
[Note] Again NOT each. Just 10 times total.

NEW WORLD- Become a member and post 5 times

THEY ALWAYS COME BACK- Log in 100 times

Log in 100 times? But my session is persistent; only rarely do I actually have to log in.
How will it be known if 20 episodes were watched?