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Anime Requests for VOD Channels


Here’s a few more,

Legend of Himiko
Sakura Wars
Moon Phase
Gunslinger Girl
Please Teacher
Please Twins
Jinki Extend

(Yes, I have the DVD’s)


From the stack of DVD’s

Appleseed the movie
Blue Submarine No. 6
Le Chevalier Deon
Samurai 7
Chrono Crusade
Neon Genesis Evangelion

(Where’s that other box of anime. I know it’s in this house somewhere)


Mezzo Forte



Just two 5-second cuts make all the difference.


That’s what she said


This one isn’t for Comcast (or myself, as I already have them in ANOD “subbed version” and/or Physical form) but a few recommendations for SVOD and FVOD:

Ika Musume (I don’t think they would show Squid Girl though, especially since S2 has a brand new dub…)

Flip Flappers

Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun

Amagi Brilliant Park


I found the box…but it turned out to be 3!

I forgot I had these series. List forthcoming.


A few for now…
Now and Then, Here and Now
Speed Grapher
Ergo Proxy (already listed)
Silent Mobius
Legend of Black Heaven
Princes Mononoke - Hayao Miyazaki
Spirited Away - Miyazaki
Nausicaa, of the Valley of the Wind - Miyazaki
Full metal alchemist
Kino’s Journey


The first one is rather depressing.
I’d like to see the sequel to the second one.


Yes, I totally agree.


What are the odds Sentai could reacquire Eva?

That one would be nice to see on TV again…


I would like to see Maria Watches Over Us seasons 3 and 4
They are both licensed by Right Stuf and are showing on currently.


I’d love to see Princess Resurrection again…


How about ANYTHING we haven’t seen 10 times already?:sauropod:


Have you seen Aria the Animation or R.O.D the TV? How many times and on what network.


ROD the TV. I know I’ve seen it in full, but can’t remember if it was on G4 or Encore WAM!


It was on G4.


You are correct. It ran on G4 during their “Anime Unleashed” block. But you need to watch Read or Die first due to the reference and character ties in R.O.D. I think Cartoon Network aired Read or Die a couple of times and the Funimation channel ran R.O.D once.


Yes it did, I want to say in 2006 or so. Yumiko "The Paper":wink:


Anita King, Maggie Mui, Michelle Cheung (All papermasters) and “big sister” Nenene Sumiregawa are looking for Yomiko Readman, Agent Paper, and best friend to Nenene.

Sidenote, the Read or Die opening theme is my default ringtone. Love an have the soundtracks for both shows.