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Chrono Crusade / Chrno Crusade

First of all, thank you Cody for turning me on to this show. I love it! So much so, that I watched today’s episodes twice. I got too caught up in things the first time and forgot everything else. So, I needed to watch it again. The music is lovely and the OP & ED are really wonderful, but I especially enjoyed the ending song. The translated words are beautiful.[/quote]

Sayonara Solitaire is one of my favorite anime themes of all time. It’s a bit out of place with the early episodes, but fits wonderfully once the series settles into it’s more serious tone later on. It’s one of the most played songs on my iTunes list.

I didn’t think Sayonara Solitaire was out of place at all. Perhaps it does settle in later on, but I think it works perfectly as an ending song even now.

And I never would have guessed it is one of your most played songs!


:stuck_out_tongue: Kidding! I would have been more surprised if it wasn’t!


So, I got volume 2 down today. In episodes 5-8, the action and drama start to pick up as Rosette becomes one of the elite militia, and you see the story heading into a darker direction. In these episodes, you also get a introduction to the main protagonist of the story, Aion. He is a devil like Chrono, but he still retains his horns and all his powers.

Perhaps even more exciting is the introduction to Satella. Her English voice, complete with a bit of a German accent, is provided by Tiffany Grant. She does an amazing job with Satella, and I really can’t imagine anyone else in her role. Tiffany does an excellent job conveying her emotions, particularly her hatred of the devils that killed her family. It’s really fun to watch her slowly warm up to Chrono and Rosette as the episodes progress. It’s especially nice to see her overcoming her prejudices against Chrono.

Hilary Haag and Greg Ayres continue to put in very strong performances, and Jessica Boone as Azmaria is absolutely perfect. Her delivery of Az’s lines is spot on. I particularly loved the scene where Azmaria is discussing how she wants to be more like to Rosette with Sister Kate (queue spit-take!) Jessica manages to be adorable and hilarious at the same time.

There is one thing that always bugged me about all this. They say they are trying to protect Azmaria from Aion, yet they take her out to help hunt demons. SHE’S ONLY 11 PEOPLE! I guess they didn’t have child endangerment laws back in the 20’s…lol

Another thing I’ve found interesting, is the difference in translation between this and the manga. In the anime, Chrono, Aion and the rest are referred to as “Devils”, while in the manga, they are referred to as “Demons.” It’s a little odd considering they both came from the same company, especially considering the manga started it’s release before the anime. But there were two different translation staffs involved. I don’t know if the Japanese versions had the same variance.

Minor quibbles aside, this is another solid entry in the series, and I can’t wait to watch the rest.

Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]Funny scene when Sister Kate tells Rosette that she’s too emotionally involved and sticks her finger up Rosette’s nose. Then Sister Kate just casually wipes her finger on her hanky. I also loved Sister Kate’s reaction when Azmaria said that she wanted to be like Rosette. It’s sweet that Azmaria admires Rosette so much, but I felt bad for her when she got caught up in Rosette’s test.

I see that they are calling Remington “Minister” instead of “Father” now. They did say he was Protestant, but it was slightly odd that it changed. I am beginning to have mixed feelings about Remington. There is something odd about him. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but something is “off” with him. I almost thought he had an ulterior motive in taking Chrono’s watch when Rosette took her test and also when he released a real devil into the test.[/details]

Episode 6 -

[details=spoiler]I like the introduction of Satella, the Jewel Witch. Her German accent is a little thick at times, but I really like her character, as well as her skills. They did a nice job with her.

I’m just loving the Sister Kate character more and more. Glad that Rosette made Militia and I like her new uniform and now Azmaria is on her first mission as an Exorcist as well. A little young and not much training? Maybe “on the job training.”

I thought it was really funny when Rosette calls Satella “Dumb Dora” and “Buttercup”. And Rosette cusses again, using “horse feathers” this time. Chrono says “great balls of fire” at one point that was pretty funny too.

Lettuce on a hot dog?! That might have been a bit off in the research side of things. I’ve never seen lettuce on a hot dog at a vending cart in NYC! Or anywhere else for that matter. But it was a nice scene. I think Satella is staring to like our heroes.

I thought the Egyptian mummy demons were pretty cool too.[/details]

Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]Aion reminds me a little of Muraki from Descendants of Darkness. I like him. And undead in Central Park? That was pretty funny and maybe even true. You wouldn’t believe the stuff that goes on there at night! :lol:

This time, Rosette calls Satella a “pill”. And I see that Chrono doesn’t like Aion kissing Rosette! He is very protective of her. I like that in him. Even though he’s supposed to be something evil, he really likes humans.

And a little more about Joshua. I like the mystery surrounding him and I can’t wait to see what exactly his story is.[/details]

Episode 8 -

[details=spoiler]Grand Central Station looked really good. Great detail!

Things are getting a little more dramatic with this episode. I really thought Rosette was going to get on that train. I’m still not sure about Remington, but I love his sword. And they have a lead on Joshua! I’m glad for Rosette.[/details]

Extras –

[details=spoiler]In Azmaria’s class, I thought it was funny that Rosette was using a puppet Azmaria. Pucchan from Best Student Council came to mind. I like how Azmaria said that a better name for the Elder is “Dirty Old Man.” She also dropped a spoiler in saying that Joshua also has a shortened lifespan. Just like Rosette. I found that interesting.

In the Chronicle, the weapons did not include Remington’s sword. I was a little disappointed, since I’d like to know how it works. Maybe it will appear in the next one. I enjoyed the Production Sketches as well.

I also watched the episodes a second time in subtitles and it was just as enjoyable! The only real difference was the absence of the slang words. But everything still flowed together nicely. I like how the story in general is developing so far too.[/details]

You are right about Father Remington. Something is off about him… But you will have to wait to found out what! :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Second of all, if that is the case, then the acting is excellent! Gave just enough to the character to convey that there is something more to him.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Second of all, if that is the case, then the acting is excellent! Gave just enough to the character to convey that there is something more to him.[/quote]

Yes, Jason Douglas does an excellent job in this one. He really portrays Father Remington quite well.

So with volume 3 (eps 9-12) down, we are now at the half way mark in Chrono Crusade. Fittingly enough, this really marks the end of the lighter episodes. From here on out, the show gets consistently darker and many of the characters are just put through hell. Personally, I like taking a bit longer to get really serious with this one, because it allowed us to grow with the characters and get to know and care about them.

This one started off with us finally getting the back story of Joshua, and how he and Rosette became separated. I particularly enjoyed the episode where they discovered Chrono sleeping in Magdalene’s tomb. (We discover the reasons for this later.) Chris Patton really got to show off his vocal range in this one. It was actually pretty interesting, because when he was playing the younger Joshua, he actually sounded a bit like Greg Ayres normally does…lol

The VA commentary this episode also happened to feature Chris Patton this time around, as well as Matt Greenfield. It wasn’t quite as entertaining as Hilary and Greg’s commentary, but it was still very informative and enjoyable.

I think the topper for me on this volume was episode 12. The Christmas episode is one of my favorite of the series, and one of my favorite holiday theme episodes. It was quite touching to see Azmaria celebrate her first Christmas, and it was nice to see a little more of her background. She had a very tough childhood, and it’s amazing she has turned out as sweet as she is. This episode even brought a tear to my eye. This wasn’t the episode per say, but the fact that I know what is to come later in the show. It’s quite a stark contrast to the Holiday theme. I really can’t think of a better way to cap off the lighter tones of the first half of the series.

Another very solid volume in Chrono Crusade as it continues to build up steam. Once again, all the VA’s turn in very solid performances, despite this being one of the most challenging shows for many of them. The direction remained solid, and the animation continues to be great. The story line is moving in some interesting directions and we continue to learn more and more about the various characters involved. I look forward to tomorrows episodes.

Episode 9 –

[details=spoiler]Now, why would you take poor little innocent Azmaria to a place like that and not warn her beforehand?

I like how younger Rosette calls Remington a “crackpot” and imagines him doing all kinds of things to her brother.

Joshua can heal too. This is interesting. I wonder if all of the apostles can heal.

It was really interesting how they met Chrono in the Tomb of Magdalene. Almost as if fate had a hand in it. And I wonder who the girl in Chrono’s mind is.

An interesting tidbit – this is the Seventh Bell Orphanage and one of the last episodes involved a Seal of Seven Wings.[/details]

Episode 10 -

[details=spoiler]Now I know for sure that a devil’s horns are the source of their power. And Aion broke Chrono’s off, which made him an outcast. I wonder at the circumstances, but again, I like how the story teases in only giving you enough to want more.

Aion entices Joshua and gives him Chrono’s horns which drives him insane. Very well played scenes from the actors, but Joshua really stands out here.

It was kind of sad to think that Chrono did not want Rosette as a contractor. He already cared enough about her by then that he didn’t want to shorten her lifespan. I think too that he still regrets it a little bit even now. Still it was a sweet scene. I liked how he knelt before her and accepted her as his contractor, even if he seemed so reluctant to do so.

It was really funny to think that Aion went grocery shopping. For someone of his status to take a request from a maid is unthinkable, which is why it was so funny. And Joshua thinks the maid is his real sister - can’t wait for the story of this one. Also, since the maid wears a collar, I wonder who she really is and what her story is as well.[/details]

Episode 11 –

[details=spoiler]Rosette calls Satella a “German Jezebel” – hysterical! I’m surprised Satella is working for the mob, and as a bodyguard no less. I thought she had a better sense of justice.

Rosette gets a motorcycle – now there’s a combo! And I loved the look on Chrono’s face! The pervy Elder is something else too. And because Rosette did get to use the bike, I wonder if she did what the Elder wanted. A horrible thought! LOL

It turns out that Satella is not a very good bodyguard after all and it seems her sense of justice is back as well. I wonder why she worked for the mob. Perhaps it was to get information about something. That would make sense - she has been searching for something for a long time. I can understand that she would want to use any means necessary. The spirit bike was great. I felt bad that Chrono got left behind though. I think again that Rosette and Satella make a great team. They seem to be well matched.[/details]

Episode 12 -

[details=spoiler]I think this is my favorite episode so far. It’s Christmas!

Azmaria really can’t act. But she does settle into her role later on and does a very nice job.

I like how Rosette gets donations. She is just so aggressive! And this time the tables are reversed on insults when Satella calls Rosette “Sister Hothead” – perfect!

Azmaria did a nice thing with the snow globe, but that just shows the kind of person she is. I also see how the DVD cover came about. Chrono as a reindeer! Too funny.

Then, of course I got all emotional as Azmaria was given her first real Christmas. She deserved it after the kind of childhood she had. It was a beautiful segment and I really felt it. It was wonderful how everyone came together for her. I also loved Satella’s present and the fact that Sister Kate fainted dead away when she saw it.

And the final scene was also emotional with Chrono and Rosette out in the falling snow, exchanging gifts. Very sweet scene. Yes, I think this will definitely be my favorite episode.[/details]

Extras –

[details=spoiler]In Azmaria’s class, I liked the description of Satella’s power and her jewel spirits. I liked the Slang Dictionary too. It is interesting to see that some of the slang is still used even today, while other words such as “bimbo” have an entirely different meaning.

The commentary was fascinating. I never realized how really hard the VAs work and I enjoyed the insight. Imagine working three hours to get four minutes of film! I really give these guys credit for doing such a great job on this show. The story itself continues to flow and now I heard in the commentary that it’s about to turn very dark and bleak. I already see it heading that way and I’m looking forward to how it will unfold. It truly is a wonderful story.[/details]

Well, it’s good to see I’m not alone in loving the Christmas episode! It really is the perfect cap to the first half of the series. Wicca, you will appreciate it even more once the series winds up.

I think I might be afraid to appreciate it even more! :lol: Especially if it marks a turning point in the story.


It seems to be a last “happy event” with all the characters sharing joy before things start to decline in the story. As much as I’m looking forward to it, I’m also a little apprehensive.

Well, I will give you one little spoiler. Don’t worry ,it’s nothing too major.


There is an upcoming episode where Rosette, Chrono, Satella, and Azmaria all get to spend the evening together at a fair. In fact, they all get their picture taken together, which becomes one of the most iconic episodes of the series. This particular episode is also another one of my favorites. However, that particular episode does have a bit more of a serious undertone to it.

Sounds good, but we shall see!

Oh trust me, you will love that one as well! :wink:

Episode 13 –

[details=spoiler]I see that the collar protects the maid from Joshua’s power. That’s a pretty handy item to have.

The story has switched to San Francisco – nice change of scenery. And of course Satella shows up on the same train.

Rizel keeps acting on her own; she tries so hard to please Aion. I can’t believe that she made Rosette shoot Chrono. Thank goodness for Rosette’s excellent aim! But I’m glad Rizel’s plan didn’t work. Chrono got his clock back, however Rosette got pretty beat up. And Rizel is finally defeated.[/details]

Episode 14 -

[details=spoiler]I figured Satella would be in the car. It was funny how Chrono fell into Satella’s chest and that she took it the wrong way. I didn’t think that devils could get fevers. Satella puts on a tough act, but it is so obvious that she has really come to care for the group. They are probably her first real friends too.

That one pharmacy was nice and creepy. I certainly wouldn’t take any of those remedies! The fortune teller scene was interesting. Kind of foreboding though. I wonder what “charm” the fortune teller told Rosette. From her blush, it must be something embarrassing!

Then Rosette falls into Satella’s chest too with a fever. Funny. But I wonder if Rosette got a fever because she is tied to Chrono. As in what happens to one, happens to the other. It’s the feeling I get about their relationship. I was a little uncertain when Azmaria said she wanted to cook, but I’m glad she turned out to be such a chef.

It was really sweet to see that the gypsy’s charm was a kiss. It was a nice scene, but did it really cure Chrono? He certainly had a complete recovery very quickly afterwards.[/details]

Episode 15 –

[details=spoiler]Duffau shows up with an offer to become allies. Why do I not trust him? And what’s with that thing with the beard? I know later on he says that he likes the pain, but I wonder if there is more to it.

It looks like Sister Kate has finally warmed up to Chrono and actually defends him to others. She’s just another softie with a tough exterior. The scene with the Elder was really funny. He just gets more and more pervy!

Aion mentions the Seven Virtues – another seven. That was an interesting segment. There is some hint at what Joshua is being used for. The maid turns out to be human – I wasn’t entirely sure about that at first.

Rosette is called “Mary of Magdalene” and is told that she has a gift as well – a “light” – and will also be marked. Her future sound pretty ominous.

Some more of Chrono’s background story too. He seemed to have a good streak in him even then and looked reluctant to help Aion.

Another sweet moment when Chrono says that he wants to stay by Rosette’s side forever. I was also filled with extreme sadness at his remark. Rosette has what looks to be stigmata. If these are her “marks” I can only imagine what might be in store for her.[/details]

Episode 16 -

[details=spoiler]A little more of Satella’s past is revealed in a nightmare. She definitely doesn’t like being allied with devils. Nice of Steiner to extend an offer to Azmaria for help with voice lessons for her. I think that really pleased her.

Interesting to think that a common devil worshiper could call forth Aion. Satella is captured by Eliza Brown and offered to Aion. I think this really amused him. And he is the one that killed Satella’s family too! Turns out he was only toying with Eliza and kills her when she protested against him kissing Satella. Once he shows Satella how weak she really is, he tells her that her sister is alive.

A nice “just in time” rescue by Rosette and Chrono, but they can’t defeat Aion either. Well, if they did, there wouldn’t be a story![/details]

Extras –

[details=spoiler]In Azmaria’s class, she spoke of the Seven Deadly Sins - interesting that another seven has popped up. There were more great Production Sketches too.

Yes, the story is starting to turn a little dark, but it still has plenty of humor in the lighter moments. A very nice blend that makes this show so good. I’m really caught up in the story and I can’t wait for more to be revealed. The characters continue to impress as well.[/details]

I’m actually just finishing up episode 16 now and I have to say that the shift in tone in the series was quite surprising the first time I watched. It’s not that I wasn’t expecting it, but it was just such a change from the first few volumes. There are still occasional moments of comedy and lightness, but this the point where the show becomes more serious and darker as we go along.

Episode 13 is one of the ones that always sticks out in my mind from this show. I think it’s because of [details=spoiler] how badly Rosette gets beat up. This also happens to be one of the few scenes of true fan service in the show, as Rosette’s get half of her clothes torn off. The love Rizel has for Aion is also badly placed and twisted. You actually almost feel bad for her, as you know he could never return her love.[/details]

The “Fever Episode” #14 is another one I love. [details=spoiler]It’s adorable when she goes into Chrono’s room when he is asleep and kisses him. It looks like the charm worked though. It was an interesting coincidence that everyone happened to wake up at the same time though…lol But did anyone find it a bit odd that Azmaria was checking Chrono’s temperature through his head band? LOL[/details]

Episode 15 highlights one little element in Chrono Crusade that I absolutely love. The endings to each episode are very blunt. There isn’t any slow withdrawl, or gradually fading music. For instance, in this one Rosette’s wounds appear (her stigmata) and as she bleeds, the episode just ends. We get a line, or quick scene, and them BAM! it ends. To Be Continued… roll the credits. This doesn’t always work in some shows, but it works perfectly in Chrono Crusade.

Episode 16 [details=spoiler]Just like Rizel, you have to feel sorry for the woman in this one. Eliza was another woman twisted by Aion, only to ultimately be destroyed. She may have already been demented to begin with, but Aion’s influence no doubt contributed to it going out of control. Once again, he never cared for her and simply used her to advance his own goals.[/details]

This another excellent volume in Chrono Crusade. This is where the story begins to accelerate and continually grow darker. By this point, we have seen many of the portents that foreshadow the tragedies to come later in the story. This is probably the definitive turning point in the story.

I have to say I’m a bit sad that we only have 8 more episodes to go… :frowning:

Well, I just made a trip over to, and purchased three of the Chrono Crusade soundtracks, as well as the first 4 volumes of the 2009 re-release of the manga (with corrected spelling.) The shipping was 60% of the cost of the order! Now to go and cut my credit card up into teeny, tiny pieces and never use it again! LOL

Well, four more episodes are down, and we only have four more left. The story continues its strides into the darker parts of the story. Slowly, we learn more and more about the tragic histories of the many characters here. We even discover a bit more about Father Remington.

Personally, out of these 4, my favorite was the carnival episode. It was a blast to watch Rosette and Chrono dance together. Talk about foot stomping! LOL! The picture they took will become one of the iconic images in the series when it is revealed later. And let’s not forget the touching moments that Rosette and Chrono spent alone together. There were touching especially when Chrono said he had no intention of living without Rosette, and that when she died, he would cease to be in this world. It brought a little tear to my eye.

But the sweetness of the carnival episode was short lived. The darker undertones in the episode finally came to life, when Satella’s butler is murdered in front of Azmaria. She is then kidnapped and used by Aion in a ritual. It is here that you learn that Rosette is also an apostle and that she was the true target of Aion the entire time.

Another very solid addition to an excellent series. There were definitely some shocking things that came to light in this volume, and it ended on one heck of a cliffhanger. It makes me excited, and a bit dreadful, to see the final four episodes.

So we get two days off, then our journey with these characters will be coming to an end. I just hope I can hold out until then.

I apparently had a supreme brain fart! My apologies Wicca for getting a day ahead! Sorry…