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Saga Of Tanya the Evil I just checked as it came with a digital copy which I entered . I can still see it when signed in ,but it’s gone when I’m not .

The Ancient Magus Bride curious to see if this comes with a digital copy for Funimation .

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Yes it does:

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Now the Question is: Can you use it? (Speaking from experience, Testament S2 Digital only the extras are available)

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Isn’t that false advertisement then?

Let me check what my copy says :thinking:

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It says in in the small print about “Availability Subject to change”

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You’re right, Subject to Expiration is listed at the bottom of the paper.

The Digital Copy page also says this:

Still a decent shame that it was advertised as the entire series having a digital copy, while only a few weeks after release you can only access the extras :thinking:

I just logged back in and Tanya episodes are gone on the site now for me ,but is still accessible on the Roku app .

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Now I’m wondering how those people who bought the Funimation Digital Code second-hand are feeling about paying money for a code that can’t access the series :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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