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Forum Banners Needed!


[quote=“LadyOfWicca” post=110491]

[quote=“mgosdin” post=110420]Huh?

It’s been most of two weeks that the banners haven’t been displaying for me. Forum menu is missing as well.

My Lady, what browser are you using? I have Mozilla Seamonkey, a Firefox variant.

Mark Gosdin[/quote]

I use Opera.[/quote]

AH,I should have known. Very classy indeed.

Well, we have the banners again for all to enjoy. Amazing how quickly something becomes a familiar comfort.

Mark Gosdin


You are swimming in verrry treacherous waters there, Mark. Don’t give her any more ideas that she already has.


should we go with the retro look and use banners again
to me tAN has gotten dull and tasteless like an old boot as far as the visual look goes
TAN looks like a regular normal site we could use some banner to liven up the party a bit
we need to spike the punch bowl so to speak
but want to know how u guys feel about TAN

  • bring out the old moves
  • stick with the same ol

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just gomg to throw some ideas for banners out there for the new year
and im going with shop theme but if u guys have some ideas then let me know

so here is one of the banners