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I got a iPod 4th generation. I got the app that runs on wifi and its on iOS 6.1 and the problem is the app says its having trouble connecting with the server.


Hey rpz1993, we are aware of the error, but thank you for letting us know. Please see my above post #140325 as it explains that you can still watch anime on your iOS device by using the mobile browser. Or a if you have a computer, you can log on to the website that way and watch the anime there.




How much longer is this server error going to last? Yes it’s true on an ipad you can access the site and the shows threw safari and plays nicely without errors. However it’s less steps when you use the app. Anyhow do you have an rough ETA on when the update is going to happen?


If they fixed it already, they’re just waiting on Apple to approve it (on a previous update, this took a month for some reason, which is insane on Apple’s part)


Anime ratio app won’t work even tho it did before it says trouble connecting to anime ratio plz help fix it


[quote]If you have problems we need to know:

  1. What kind of device: iPad, iPhone, iTouch,
  2. Version of device: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4,
  3. iOS Version: 4.0, 4.1, 4.2,
  4. Connection type: 3G, WiFi,
  5. Are you using the App or Safari?
  6. Name of show and episode number (if an episode won’t load)
  7. Describe the problem you are experiencing.[/quote]


I am a premium itunes user. It was all working fine until I changed my password for itunes and anime network. I logged into the website fine on my regular computer, however, through my IPAD/Iphone, I started having communication error messages. Additionally, nothing was showing in the shows tab or other views. It would then say error.

I have tried to re downloaded the Anime Network app and now I cannot log into my premium account; on the login screen I enter my login name and password and the app seems to be trying to connect (the spinning icon in the upper left hand side of the screen indicates network communication happening) but is unable to log in. It either does a continuous cycle looping to log in OR I get an error message that says “we are having trouble communicating with the anime network servers right now. Please try later!”.

The login name and password are accurate, so I’m not certain what is wrong. Here’s my diagnostic information:

  1. IPAD 3/Iphone 4
  2. Iphone 4, WiFi/3GS, 16GB
  3. IOS 6.1.3
  4. Connection type: WiFi,
  5. Are you using the App or Safari?: The App
  6. Name of show and episode number (if an episode won’t load): Not Relevant
  7. Describe the problem you are experiencing.: See above.

I have read the previous strings on 27. I am having the same issues.


suzemchill -
Give it a try now. Check to make sure the app is not running in the background so it loads fresh.
Please reply to let us know if it works for you or if you are still getting the error message.



I can report that the iOS app is working again for me.

iPhone 4S and iPad (2nd gen)
iOS 6.1.2


Thanks for the feedback!!!


I am using a iPad 2 version 6.1.2 and once I got the subscription the shows will not load. It tries to load them and then just says error.


I am using an iPad version 6.1 over wifi and when I subscribed the app will not load shows or featured they just load until you get an the word error. The app worked fine until I subscribed. Please Help


Phi Brain episode 10 and Battle Girls episode 11 won’t load (files corrupted) on iOS.


Hey Daved,

Could you clarify what you are experiencing please. What it sounds like you are describing is that the catalog is getting hung up while loading.
A temporary work around is below:

Try moving to the shop tab and then exiting the app.
Kill it from running in the background.
Then re-launch app.

This should force the catalog to attempt to reload again. It may take a minute or two, depending on your data connection. If you only see 11 eyes, it means that the catalog is still loading.




My mistake, it wasn’t battle girls but The World God Only Knows (Season 2) Episode 10 that was the problem.


Phi Brain Episode 9 and The World God Only Knows (Season 2) Episode 10 were put back up on the website, but they still don’t work for iOS.


Try them now.


Phi Brain Episode 12 - Dubbed is not working on iOS.


Try it now, please.


Hey Dahrc,

Thanks for reporting your issue.
As usual though we need to know some specific information in order to troubleshoot your issue:

  • Give us a short summary of the problem you are experiencing with the Online Player.

  • Did this just start happening, has it been going on for a while or is it a problem that came back after being fixed?

  • Affected Show Title(s) - is it happening to a particular show, certain shows or everything

  • Affected Episode Number(s) - is it happening to a particular episode, certain episodes or all episodes

  • Affected Language Version - if the show is Dual Language, is it the subbed, dubbed or both versions that are affected

  • Affected Video Format - is it the SD, HD or both versions that are affected

*Are you accessing content via the mobile iOS app?

*What Operating System are you using? Which version is it? (Windows Vista, windows 7, Mac 10.6, etc)

  • What Browser are you using? Which version is it? (Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari,mobile browser, etc)

  • Is it happening in just one Browser or multiple browsers?

  • Is your Flash Player/Plugin up to date?

This information is needed to help solve the problem you are facing.