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Looks like STD will be getting a stateside physical media release. On the plus side, it’s blu-ray when many releases of modern US TV shows are only on DVD (talk about livin’ in the past), but on the downside it isn’t UHD.

This is somewhat of an issue as IMDB states that STD is HDR and normal bluray is SDR-only. Still, it is almost certainly better than the quality that one can get from streaming.

To try and loop this back to the previous subject, I see commenters around the web asserting that CBS AA had sub-par video quality when streaming STD. Is there any truth to that?


August 10, 2018


Pine and Hemsworth are A-list talent? More like B and C list, respectively, and Paramount seems to know it.

I’m a bit surprised that Zoe Saldana isn’t raising a stink about pay as she’s had some prima donna moments like that over the past few years.

But hey, I’d be all for a recasting of Kirk & Spock…really, anyone but Karl Urban could be swapped out. They’ve already done the alternate timeline stuff once, so what’s twice?


Chris & Chris A-listers?

Maybe the should take a second look at their past, non-superhero starring roles’ box office (especially Hemsworth’s) to answer that question.



Gregory Peck’s grandson to play Spock in new ‘Star Trek’

Aug. 15, 2018 at 05:25 am JST / Japan Today


He definitely looks the part, and he has a huge amount of support from other members of the Trek family, including Nimoy’s son. So I’m looking forward to seeing his performance.

As for Hemsworth and Pine, the problem is that Paramount already signed a contract with the two and wants to renegotiate after Beyond didn’t do as well as expected. Pine and Hemsworth, understandably, want to stick to the original contracts. Probably worth noting that those deals were out in place by management that is no longer with the studio.

There were many squabbles over pay in the TOS and TNG films, so this isn’t without precedent. Hopefully, they can come to an agreement.


It’ll take some serious makeup to get that guy looking like Spock. I don’t see that happening as Spock’s original look, a (vaguely-demonic) competent & regemented “bad boy”, seems to have fallen out of fashion, and what is “en vogue” is very far removed from what Spock must be.

If Spock’s character is redesigned to be like Chris Hemsworth’s character was in the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters… :cry:

…Perhaps the best thing The Big Bang Theory ever did was using its popularity to tell the world that Zachary Quinto’s Spock was sub-par :wink:

As for pay, I’m a little disheartened to see that Hemsworth and Pine are pitching a “pay me more than I’m worth!” fit when castmate Zoe Saldana, a prima donna who pitched a big ole fit in that vein not too long ago, isn’t.


It’s more “pay me what you agreed to” in this case. The studio should have included clauses that based their pay on box office performance, but they didn’t.


Paramount could “Art of the Deal” them out of a role, as it seems like they’re holding all the cards, so the 2 B/C list actors in question could find themselves being Terrence Howard’d right out of the cinematic universe.

If that happens, at least Chris Pine will have gotten to “wear the suit”…

In Hemsworth’s case, he’s borderline box office poison as few films, outside of the MCU, that he’s been featured in have done well; Perhaps the man just has an unfortunate habit of signing on to movies that are destined to tank at the box office? Irrespective, I can’t imagine that his rep aids in any negotiations for more money.


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I don’t believe that I saw this posted here yet, a relatively recent video with DS9’s Ira Steven Behr and Garrak discussing funding for their pending documentary of DS9.

The included SD/HD comparison for DS9 is pretty striking, this show needs a bluray release, even just a “cheap” one that doesn’t redo the CGI beyond an automatic upscale.

Why haven’t Ira Steven Behr and the rest of the DS9 crew been brought in to helm another Trek or Trek-like?


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