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Nickelodeon + Star Trek?

George Lucas ofc tried to market Space Romance & Space Politics to kids and it didn’t work out. So I’m not seeing why Nick thinks they can make it work when their using a franchise with more space romance & loads more space politics?


Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 5 “Saints of Imperfection” Breakdown & Easter Eggs!


Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 6 “The Sounds of Thunder” Breakdown & Easter Eggs!


Season 3 is officially a go! Midnight’s Edge must be so disappointed. :joy::joy:


So the penultimate episode of The Orville (as of this post; S02E07 - Deflectors) was a nadir, a funny episode that was basically an honorary STD episode.

But the next episode, “Identity, Pt. 1”, came back strong. I’m not sure STD has ever reached the level set by that episode.

What really surprised me though was that infamous Star Trek writer Brannon Braga was credited as a writer for it. Is it possible that one of the “Dynamic Duo” who “killed Star Trek” has redeemed himself?

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So I got caught up yesterday, and they’ve finally found Spock. I really like the Talosians styling and can’t wait to see them in next week’s episodes. I’m sure there will also be some foreshadowing of Pike’s eventual fate.

Season One was pretty strong, and definitely much better than any premier season for a Trek series. However, it was a bit uneven and suffered from having a change in show runner and direction after a few episodes. But without sudden change behind the scenes, and some of Fuller’s more fantastical ideas being droppedor condensed, the plotting is much more evenly paced.

I know some people were disappointed when Fuller was basically fired, but the show has been better without him. The weakest episodes were those he was in charge of, or based upon his existing story lines. Not to mention the show is definitely more upbeat this season, and has a better focus on the ensemble cast than just a few main characters unlike season one.

I’m really happy to see it get a season three, even though all the tracking websites gave it very high odds of getting renewed. It’s also nice to see a certain group of fans have their made up “insider information” proven wrong once again. I’m not sure why people watch YouTube vloggers who have had every claim of theirs about Discovery proven wrong time and time again. :thinking:

I’ll be looking forward to the new Picard series, given what they’ve done with Discovery. It’s a shame that there is such little quality Sci-fi on TV right now beyond it though.

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STD is finally being traditionally televised again?

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Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 7 “Light and Shadows” Breakdown & Easter Eggs!


Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 8 “If Memory Serves” Breakdown & References!


While The Orville didn’t exactly break new ground on the resolution of its recent 2-parter, it does have me wondering if its Krill are a properly realized version of what STD intended its Klingons to be?


Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 9 “Project Daedalus” Breakdown & References!

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A really excellent episode, and a lot of key pieces of the plot are falling into place. The ending was a little heart breaking though. :frowning:


Poor Airiam.


So now the best character from STD is leaving after this season?

Just when even some of the harsher critics of STD were conceding that it was finally starting to turn things around too.


Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 10 “The Red Angel” Breakdown & References!

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Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 11 “Perpetual Infinity” Breakdown & References!

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The last two episodes have been excellent. I’m especially enjoying the subtle changes in Georgiou’s character, and allowing more of her humanity to show gradually. That should make her spin off very interesting.

Sonequa did a fantastic job in this episode. Her performance was spot on in showing the heartbreak of Michael finding her mother, only to lose her again. The production values in this episode were also exceptionally high, even for Discovery. The planet side set and lighting were awesome.

Getting close to the end of season two. Can’t wait for the remaining mysteries to wrap up, now that we know who the Red Angel is.


One of the gripes I had with TOS was that Kirk et al would encounter/gain fantastical powers/tech in an episode but it would be completely forgotten by the next.

Of course, had Kirk kept those boons he’d have been godly.

STD has shown me that TOS made the correct choice in this area, because the Red Angel is stupidly overpowered; she makes even the OP characters of Isekai anime like Overlord look like chumps.


I fail to see how. She was very easily drawn out, disabled, and the suit destroyed. Doesn’t seem very powerful to me at all, let alone “overpowered”. Certainly nowhere near as overpowered as say the Borg.


Why even build a star ship when the suit, which she made as a side project in her spare time, is far more powerful than any ship?

If only she’d contributed her mastery of space-time to the Federation’s communal knowledge as then Kirk & company would’ve had a far easier time in Star Trek IV. Janeway could’ve used it to bring Voyager home instanter.

Alternatively, if the Borg had the suit’s technology, well, they’d have achieved “perfection” before Kirk’s adventures even really began.

…any sort of time shenanigans on this level bring back bad memories of ENT.


Oh no, please tell me that these rumors that STD is going to assert that Section 31 created the Borg are false.

I thought that the thinly-veiled references to the Borg in STD seen so far were just some awkward trolling, like the appearance of the Ferangi was in ENT…that has to be the case, right?