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Strange flavor beverages


I’ve no clue what to call those. Just about every fast casual food place here has them. I try to stick to Unsweetened Tea when I can. My sons like to experiment with the machines. I keep expecting them to do the mad scientist cackle.

Mark Gosdin


Well don’t experiment with the machines myself either but saw this guy in front of me getting that flavor and wanted to try it


Looks like I missed the party…

That wouldn’t be the first weird Mountain Dew thing I’ve seen. A while back there were mountain dew Doritos…

You eat Doritos straight from the bag Snowy? Too messy for me :laughing:

Let me know what you think of it when you try it :wink::+1:

You mean like this?:

Those are called Coke Freestyle machines. Also, depending on where you go, there are drinks exclusive to specific restaurants.


yes you were missin all the fun maou lol

thanks maou you mentioned that before
but just forgot sorry

but what flavor do you normally get from the freestyle machine maou


My primary are Raspberry Coke or Dr. Pepper, but all of the Fuze tea’s are good too.

Wendy’s has Berry Root Beer, which isn’t bad either.


Did you try the vanilla


Yep. Not as good as the Frostie though :wink:


Ok don’t know if they have that by my area


New @ Burger King

The Very Berry Splash kinda tastes like Cranberry-Cherry.

The Dreamy Orange Lemonade tastes like a lemon-orange creamcicle.

The BK exclusive Lemon Berry Swirl tastes like Berry Lemonade.

Can’t try Tropical Oasis since it’s out…


bought these today goin to try it later will update you

update its ok it different the taste was to grow on ya but all and all its a good peach flavor


OMG! It’s back at Burger King!!!


I got to try this it might be good


Cherry ICE? The regular isn’t nothing to write home about, but this one might be different :thinking:


yes totally agree code red was not anything spectacular


@Kyouta Look what I found :wink:

It tastes like Cherry 7-up. Literally. It’s Cherry 7-up with caffeine.


The Scary Black Cherry Fanta freeze at Burger King.

So good! And it turns your tounge black as you drink it! :grin:


Cranberry Pomegranate flavor Dew. Kinda like Cranberry Sprite, but sweeter. If you can find it, this one is really good :grin:


@maousadao buy me some and mail them to me lol


So gotta try them!

This one will be first.

It tastes kinda like strawberry Sprite, but maybe with a little cherry and grape in it.


Next up is:

The vanilla is very prominent. Overpowering both the ginger ale and cherry flavors. It’s not bad at all though.