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Strange flavor beverages

And finally:

I can’t tell any difference between this and regular Cherry Vanilla Coke. Seriously.

Anyone here who finds this flavor, please try it to confirm the flavor. I want to make sure I’m not going crazier than I already am…

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@maousadao finally tasted that mtn dew cherry it was ok

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I usually don’t drink energy drinks, but wanted to try the flavor.

It kinda tastes like coffee and Swiss Miss hot cocoa mixed together :thinking:

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They brought back regular Vanilla Coke!


OMG! A blast from the past! Haven’t had one of these since around 2000! (So somewhat around 19 years!)

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Story Time. Back in the mid 1980’s I was working as a Temp for Frito-Lay in their headquarters building on the NorthWest Expressway in Dallas, Texas. The Building belonged to a Bank and housed a Small Mall on the first floor complete with an extensive selection of restaurants.

Frito-Lay being a part of Pepsico none of the restaurants served anything other than Coke products, this during the height of the Cola Wars.

One of the restaurants was A Beta Test Site for Cherry Coke. So, at least in part, the taste of Cherry Coke was defined / refined using feedback from Pepsi employees and Me since I filled out their survey every time I ate in that restaurant.

Mark Gosdin

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So I have you to thank in partial for the spectacular cherry flavor of Cherry Coke.

You sir are a legend, I am humbled.

Me? A legend, not so much.

I do remember that the first time I got Cherry Coke from the dispenser it was, shall we say, less than spectacular. Once my stint as a Frito-Lay temp was over, I went to work for one of their suppliers, the taste had been refined to the one we are familiar with. Then it was just a matter of time waiting for it to appear on store shelves.

Mark Gosdin


February 8, 2019

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I’d be interested in that if they put it in the Mexican glass bottle Coca-Cola . Though the two flavors they did the peach and raspberry were not that good so probably end up like vanilla orange cough syrup tasting cola .

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I’m curious about this flavor actually. Wondering if it will be similar to the orange flavor from the Freestyle machines :thinking:

@psychopuppet I can already see the cultutal disputes over Mexican Coke. It’s bad enough that you can only find it in certain locations, but they’d have to rename it if they started manufacturing it here in the states…

Also, guess I was in the minority who liked the Peach glass bottle Coke…

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Curious to all of these :thinking:

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Five days after I posted that, I found these on the shelf at Target:

Strangely enough, they use the slim cans, like Diet Coke (I ALWAYS have Dr Pepper in my house btw :wink:)

The lime flavor is really good. Almost doesn’t taste like Pepsi either!

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And these were at the Publix this morning…

Just like with Lime, the Mango flavor doesn’t have that Pepsi taste. In all honesty it tastes kinda like a Spanish drink that they sell down here. (Jarritos is what it’s called for anyone curious)

Interestingly, these are 12 packs, and are packaged in the normal cans

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Another new flavor soda from PepsiCo!

It’s peach honey flavored, and exclusive to KFC’S.

The peach flavor is center, with the lemon lime and honey flavors being nearly an after taste. It pairs really well with their extra crispy chicken.


Now to find a Taco Bell/KFC combo that has it and do a Baja Blast mix with it . :grin:


OMG! Walmart had these this morning!
I have been looking for them since mid-April!!!

I'm putting this in a drop-down so anyone who doesn't want to read it doesn't have to.

Mayuri: “Tuturu! Hi Okarin!”

Okabae “Ah welcome back Lab Member 002.”

M “Hey whatcha got there? Another Dr. Pepper?”

O "This? Ah my hostage, very good eye. My affiliates have provided me with this new concoction utilizing my liquid ambrosia. Now nothing can lie hinderance to Hououin Kyouma and and his plans to overthrow The Organizaion!!!




I hope I can find me some of that Dark Berry Dr. Pepper.


You’re telling me! Was originally informed about the flavor back on April 20th, and people were posting they got it as early as the 23rd!

I was very fortunate that the Pepsi deliveryman was at the store with the weekly shipment when I stopped there. (He actually went to the back of the store and got it for me! Thank you to him :blush::blush::blush:) Don’t know the exact exclusivity of the flavor, but hopefully it will be available for the entire U.S. before June.

Of course, if you’re crazy enough, you can buy a 12 pack on eBay for about $25…

The flavor is remarkable BTW. It’s reminiscent of blackberry, but not exactly. I definitely wouldn’t be upset if they decided to make it a permanent flavor to the lineup. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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