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The Outlander Memorial Thread


Megan’s bay beach


It’s piña colada Time!..

Served by our Beach Bunny(pose with waifu)


Linquest beach. Very secluded. we were the only ones there for two hours
Yes the sand is that white, the water is that blue and warm


Buying Waifu mathching diamond and sapphire ring and necklace


The bay in the shopping district in town


I want that Heineken serving dish!!! The country looks gorgeous, how warm was the water?


[size=16]Dear Snowy Stampede,[/size]


An open letter to snowy[/quote]
Originally posted: September 15, 2013 @ 6:19am


This is it,Snowy. I bet you never thought it would come to this. I bet you never thought I had it in me to defy you so boldly! You bet wrong, Snowy. Dead wrong.

Here we are,Snowy, my brother. Our humble apartment has turned into the Alamo. I am making my stand against all the injustice you represent.

There’s always time to appreciate the classics, There’s always time to appreciate the classics, Jerry.I imagine you might try to call in some favors. I imagine the SWAT team right outside, Snowy . They’re all out there waiting to bust down the door, swarm in, knock me to the floor, and handcuff my hands behind my back. Then, Snowy , they’ll drag me outside as I scream and fight. I’ll be screaming your name,Snowy .

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. This is only day one of my stand.

And as I imagine how this course of action might end, another thought washes over me. What animes would I take with me to prison? That is, if the SWAT team did get in here. So many choices… My heart has always held a special place for the works of Yoshiyuki Tomino. Mobile Suit Gundam in particular combined complex intellectual themes with great action and drama. However, I have been known to enjoy the romantic stylings of Sakurako Gokurakuin, whose celebrated Sekirei manga was adapted into an excellent anime, though I must admit Marina Inoue’s voice acting talents never resonated with me.

And lastly, hmm, how to decide such an important thing… Do I go with the classics or something contemporary? Wait, I digress. Let’s get back to the point, Snowy .

Of course getting in won’t be that simple,Snowy . The doors are barricaded. You always underestimated my intellect,Snowy,and that will be your undoing. I have fortified each door behind a mass of my most precious possession: anime. And over the 29 years of my life, I have accumulated a great multitude of anime. Nobody is getting through those two doors without a bulldozer. Not you, not your dad, and not even the police. No one, Snowy .

I took the liberty of purchasing an adequate supply of sustenance to hold me over. Hot pockets, instant mac, corndogs, and enough Jimmy Dean sausage to feed an army. I’m in this for the long haul, Snowy. It’s not enough to simply evict you, Snowy, because I know you can’t stay away from me. You’re practically obsessed. Instead I have to take these drastic measures to prevent you from even entering our apartment.

You may ask yourself how this all began,That is a fair question, as you seem utterly incapable of recognizing your own wrongdoings. WHERE DO I BEGIN, SNOWY? How about when you and your friends captured me in that net in the front yard? It was dumb enough to capture me in a net, but to suspend me from a tree for several hours while a lawn sprinkler kept me constantly wet? Pathetic, Jerry. You’re lucky I suffered a panic attack and blacked out before I could rip the net open and beat you senseless.


Oh, I know, Snowy . Remember when you padlocked the cupboards where I kept my food? You may think you were pulling a harmless stunt on someone slightly overweight, but again, it was attempted manslaughter. I could have slipped into a diabetic coma and died. And for what? So you could prevent me from eating my Spaghettio’s and Oreos?

Heh. Reminds me of you, Snowy .Heh. Reminds me of you.Our quarrel was once much like the antagonistic relationship between Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Ootani, two mismatched friends butting heads at every turn. It’s gotten darker since then. It’s been mutated by the poison that pumps through your black heart, Jerry. Now we exist as mortal enemies, not unlike Jiro Mochizuki, the Silver Blade himself, and the vile Kowloon King. It saddens me to see you fall so far.

Your stupid insults haven’t helped either,Snowy. Calling me a “great harvest of farts” made you look like a colossal idiot with a child’s grasp on agriculture and flatulence alike.

When you asked if I had “maybe given birth to a stillborn baby that was still stuck in my underwear” I pointed out that I lack fully developed female reproductive organs, and that, as an asexual male, I cannot get pregnant. You can’t deny that I have made excellent strides in my recovery from necrotized thighs, and smell significantly better, Snowy .

When you told me I was the splitting image of a dead manatee drenched in mustard, I calmly explained to you the improbable series of events it would take to create such an absurd visual, and how far it was from reality. Day after day I am forced to explain simple concepts to you because you lack the capacity to grasp logic and reason.

There’s no one who can help us now. My therapist says I should stop thinking about you so much, but how can I do that when you’re utterly focused on ruining my life? I have to wake up every evening knowing that you’re out in the front room watching football or some other dumb show, crunching granola bars loudly, and living like a disgusting pig. And worse, I live knowing that you have no respect for me or my love of anime. I can understand not liking me, Snowy, but to not like anime? That’s just stupid. That’s like saying you hate knowledge, or music, or art.

My spirit is soaring!My spirit is soaring!Heh. I can hear you outside the door, Snowy. Fidgeting with the lock, trying to open it. I imagine you’re too drunk to realize just what is going on. You’re strong, Snowy . But are you strong enough to move 100s and 100s of hours of human creativity? This isn’t just a giant stack of plastic. It’s a monument forged from the mankind’s boundless passion and limitless potential. It’s heavier than stone! It’s stronger than iron! This is a boulder made out of something purer than dumb muscle.

You’re never getting in here again. This is my apartment now!,Snowy! I will make sure of that if it’s the last thing I do. This feels right,Snowy. My head is somewhere else, somewhere unburdened. My soul is flying high, riding the skies with a pair of Air Trecks, the ingenious flying skates from Ito Ogure’s Air Gear. My mind has divorced my body, and it’s swimming in the ether. This must be what being Akira feels like.

You can’t beat me, Snowy. I’ve finally bested you once and for all. The time has come for you to finally move on and to finally let go of your bizarre fixation with me. I just hope you can survive out there without me, Jerry. Trust me, Snowy, this is for your own good.


The gig is up, Snowy. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Secret World of Snowy. Brought to you in part by…crazy.


We all have our secrets, don’t we Snowy?

Just that yours are more intriguing. :evil:

Mark Gosdin


[size=16]Skydemonwolf: Official TAN-ette[/size]


Skydemonwolf has 100 posts. She is now an official TAN-Ette (Female forum Otaku)

A Tan-ette is a valued member of our community. As a Tan-ette you are now part of my harem.

Make us all sandwiches

Be prepared for outrageous posts directed at you. All in fun[/quote]
Originally posted: December 4, 2013 @ 6:23am


No sandwiches for you …I will be sure to not visit the harem :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks outlander …But no sandwiches for anyone …I can’t find bread :stuck_out_tongue: …Harem? :S
That first post was sticking lol


You would make a sandwich for me, right Sky?




Haha, alright! :laugh:

It seems I am favored over you, Outlander, my friend :stuck_out_tongue:


ummm…sorry outlander *bows *


We TANers cherish all the TANettes.

We also keep a muzzle on Outlander … as proof of our devotion. :evil:

Mark Gosdin