Trivia: Name which ADV title

Name which title ADV released where dub recording was done in Los Angeles.

First one who gets it wins.

Coffee can’t answer. :stuck_out_tongue: (He might know why :P)

Wins what?

Trinity Blood! :evil:

Trinity Blood was funimation ^ And it was dubbed in Texas too…so yeah

Dragoon: Your not talking about rescues from Geneon or anything right? Something where ADV had the dub made LA?

I know, I wasn’t serious, I only said that because Slash & Pup hate it so much. (Did you see my evil smile?) :wink:

Slow is just joking. She knows PP and I revile that gonzoneric title. Slow likes to constantly confuse you guys. You know her by now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t get the joke :wink: . I never do :stuck_out_tongue: .

Dragoon: Your not talking about rescues from Geneon or anything right? Something where ADV had the dub made LA?

Right, not a rescue - an original ADV license.

Hmmm that’s tough. I can tell you one they had done in NYC (I think). Does that give me bonus points? “Ah my Goodness” was dubbed in NYC for ADV :wink:

No. :stuck_out_tongue: That one’s easy since it’s recent. :wink: I might have another one for you though after this lol.

Ok well I know the answer but I cheated. Do I still win?

Arc the Lad - dubbed in LA by Bang Zoom

Technically no, but your answer is right anyway. So you win question 1 There are multiple right answers. :wink: So you win due to me not clarifying. :stuck_out_tongue:

Question 2
Let me put a second question then… same question but not counting the BangZoom deals.

wild arms tv

LOL! I won by a technicality? Ok this time I’ll look it up, but keep it to myself. This way I’ll give someone else a chance to respond. If no one does…well then their loss and I’ll post lol :wink: .

Tonka yep - That woulda been correct for #1, but not #2 :wink:

Why did ADV do that for those two titles Dragoon?

I don’t know the answer to that. But both are videogame related adaptations… so that’s one link that springs to mind. That’s actually something that’s been on my mind for some time to ask them about.

ADV has I believe 6 dubs where they contracted out, the 2 mentioned for question 1, question 2 (which no one has guessed yet), another one which I might ask about later, AMG 2 with NYAV, and one in Vancouver for another one Coffee probably knows and is near and dear to him :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s such an odd thing for thm to do, seeing how they had two studios up and running at one point. And they always had Amusement Park Media at least…so? Why? lol. I get AMG in NYC…but the others…now that confuses me. One was even sent to Vancouver? Woah that’s weird.

If they were useing other studios, I do wonder why they went with their own studio for Mezzo DSA, when Media Blasters gave it to LA. I love both dubs personally, ADV’s even more. But there’s something about Melissa Fahn as the main character that I really liked. She sounded like the Japanese voice actor too. But Luci Christian does an amazing job, and totally nailed the character. It’s an interesting different take on the character then Fahns…

We’ll get to the other ones shortly… :wink: First the last LA one, no guesses? :wink:

Well I’m thinking…I’m giving others a chance too. And Mezzo DSA thing still confuses me lol.

The Vancouver dub was to keep the same character cast, same with the AMG2 dub.