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I want to know how come all the new episodes being uploaded are subtitled only? How come you quietely stopped uploading new dub episodes?

US Voice Actors don't sing in anime

I want to know how come all the new episodes being uploaded are subtitled only? How come you quietely stopped uploading new dub episodes?[/quote]
You have asked this question multiple times and it has been answered.

[quote=“spazzysam, post:2, topic:7737, full:true”]
Currently, the Anime Network Online release dates for the dubs of those titles have not been announced.

Stay tuned to the forums and our eNewletter for release announcements.Thanks![/quote]

There is no other answer to give you until it is officially announced. And, by “officially”, I mean, an announcement that goes out in the newsletter or in a release.

This is not up to The Anime Network to decide, this is a Sentai decision.


Misleading software detected; probable malware.

Clicking on that leads to a fake Flash-update page.


Just wanted to report a few issues:

  • I tried to watch The Legend of Crystania, and I got an error message saying I need to be a premium subscriber (which I am).

  • The A-Z list of shows indicates that dubs are available for Infinite Stratos 2 and Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun, yet they are not.

  • There are no dubs for the second half of Majestic Prince (ep 13-24). I could swear they were there before but now they aren’t. Or have they not been released yet and I’m just imagining things?

  • I’m also seeing the bogus flash update page shown above.



[quote=“cygnus_x1, post:833, topic:3248”]
Just wanted to report a few issues:[/quote]
Sent all to Admin.


[quote=“SpaceCobraJoe, post:832, topic:3248”]
Misleading software detected; probable malware.[/quote]

Admin says:
The ad tag has been suspended and the providing network has been alerted.


Today at about 7:45PM EST, the forums were running noticeably slower, and I gotten a few 503 errors

Wow, it took a LONG time to make this post initially.


Today, around 8:40PM EST, I was getting this error

Various things were broken. Eventually went back to normal.

[quote]503 Service Unavailable
No server is available to handle this request.


Thanks for the report Miquel. Did this happen through the forums, or through the Anime Network website?



It was on the forums. Sorry I forgot to say that.


Administration is aware of the intermittent “Server Errors” that are happening today.

If you receive any other errors, please post.



We are closing this topic.

There is now a new support topic for the new ANO 3.0 website and services:
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