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Anime Network Online Player Reports/Problems/Updates Thread


So… I’ve been having that issue where audio keeps playing, but the picture stops or turns into a stuttering slideshow. Happens on two browsers(firefox and chrome).

Anyone have a fix?

windows 7 pro / latest version of both firefox & chrome w/ the most recent version of flash.

Speedtest: 9.25mb/s down / 1.4 mb/s up (I am supposed to be on a 16down/2up line… but whatever). My service provider is at&t.

anime: ALL dubbed episodes of From the New World, either HD on or HD off.


Hey, it seems that my video won’t load fast enough. I’m able to watch maybe a few seconds of a video before it needs to buffer again. With HD on, it’s even worse. Even if I try not skipping around the video, it still won’t work. Just when I think I’m getting somewhere the buffering comes back.

A few things:

  • It happens on every browser
  • I’ve cleared my cache and history on every browser
  • Operating system is Windows 7 Professional
  • Have the newest flash
  • Restarted computer
  • Speed test shows me 60MB down, 11 ping
  • This happens with every show, not just one in particular
  • Tried waiting a day, in case your servers were just overloaded yesterday, still didn’t work

Anything I’m doing wrong, or is there something you could help with? Just subscribed so I’m eager to watch something :< Thanks.

Edit: I should also add that it seems like the non-subscriber player works just fine (the one with ads). Only the subscriber’s player has problems.


My videos won’t load fast enough either. Every browser I have tried on both MAC and WIN 8.1. Speedtest of 60MB down 40MB up and 11ms ping. It does buffer a little better on my iPad, but not by much.


Hey Guys,

Can you confirm if this happens on every title you watch, or does the buffering inconsistently happen?

Also, can you confirm if this issue occurs at specific times of the day? Or does it happen throughout the day.

Thank you,



I attempted to watch an episode late at night at 2:30 AM EST, and that one actually did seem to load. Any other time of day though, and it slows back down.

I tried watching random episodes of random shows, and yes, it definitely happens with every show.


6PM PDT and it is loading really slow. I don’t have issues with other competing sites, just this one. What good is paying for a subscription if you can’t use it at a normal time?


Hey Gang,

Thanks for all of the feedback.
We’ve made some upgrades this afternoon. Please let us know if this helps with the slow load time and choppy playback.

The details and specific information you include in your reports really help us in troubleshooting issues and planning maintenance.


Its 1240 am EST. For me and any show I attempted to watch tonight (starting around 11pm )is playing for 3 to 5 seconds and then buffering constantly. After a few seconds of buffering it starts up again but then the picture goes all slideshow on me and the sound goes out of sync.

My laptop is an ASUS with an i7 and 12GB of Ram. Browser and Flash Player are all current. I’m on Verizon Fios with 10 up and 20 down.

All my other streaming sites I subscribe to are running fine. Oh and its not just the shows themselves that’s running slowly. Even loading the front page and forums is slow loading tonight.


Trying to check to help and checking the last show mentioned (From the New World), tried and it says dubebd is not avilable, the video player is being cut off on the left side of the are by a few pixels because it doesn’t line up for the subbed version of the show. there is a giant grey area to the right of the video player.

ads.(something) choked and froze for a minute at the 2:19 mark, but after about a minute of black screen the 2nd of 3 ads started playing and the show continue.

going to let it run until 10 minutes and then stop checking after that, so the time is now give or take 5 minutes that the show was watched, and currently evrything seems fine except the misaligned video player. If something happens and the program stops prior to the 10 minute mark i will update this post.


Hey shadzar -
Can you clarify a few things in your report:

"tried episode 18 and it says dubebd is not available"
The Dubbed version is only available to Premium Subscribers.

"the video player is being cut off on the left side of the are by a few pixels because it doesn’t line up for the subbed version of the show. there is a giant grey area to the right of the video player."
Are you referring to the Hulu player or the native player?

We only made upgrades that would affect the native player. If you are experiencing playback issues with the Hulu player, please let us know so that we can inform Hulu of the issue.


hulu player I guess (if that is even a serious question), not that it should matter because the object itself was too far to the left in the viewing area. unless Hulu writes the code for the webpages at TAN, then the CSS that places the flash object on the page is what it out of alignment. :huh:

here the div named “player” is left aligned within the div named “player wrapper”.

there is a margin now, but it varies whether the show actually fits in the area it is placed in.

6 or so years into this and nobody still knows how to use this forum, software. code cannot be placed into the code tag, people can’t find the time a post was made… this is a joke!


shadzar -
Thank you for your feedback. Sorry if my response was confusing.

My comment, “We only made upgrades that would affect the native player. If you are experiencing playback issues with the Hulu player, please let us know so that we can inform Hulu of the issue.”, was in regards to this:

ads.(something) choked and froze for a minute at the 2:19 mark, but after about a minute of black screen the 2nd of 3 ads started playing and the show continue.[/quote]

Are you still experiencing issues with the Hulu player’s playback? If yes, please let us know and we will send them a report.

On a separate note, I will inform the Dev Team about the alignment issue.
Thanks for noting it in your report.


every flash player has ads that does that. it just chokes trying to find the worst possible ad to give to somebody with its stupid ad-awareness or whatever. i only mentioned it because it could have been causing the problematic “freeze” of the player, but if the dubbed isn’t on hulu, then it can’t be the problem that was mentioned upthread. flash just wasnt meant to do things like buffering twelve 30 second ads as well as a 20+ minute program.

it was probably more like the ad was expiring right when it was asked to be played and it just couldn’t load the ad, but kept counting down time for the ad and showing only blackscreen making hulu “appear” to be frozen.

worked fine this morning with no glitches save for the alignment while i was trying to get the code for those two DIVs mention above. all ads ran and the program started. so only the alignment of the player for Guest & Registered users remains that I can tell.


3:19pm and the streams are back to buffering every few seconds with the slide show effect when it stops buffering. machine and net the same as in my previous post.


Ender75 -
Can you confirm whether you are getting the Hulu video player or the Native Anime Network Player?

We need to know this in order to troubleshoot your issue further.


Well Im watching it through your site and Im a Premium Sub Member so Im gonna venture a guess that its th Native Player on your site. I wouldn’t watch crap on Hulu cause I refuse to pay for a streaming service AND still get commericials lol. That’s why I sub to 3 different Anime Streaming Site :slight_smile:

P.S. It is now 9:45pm EST and Im trying to watch a show on the ANO Site and the video is still buffering off and on and the picture is “slide Showing” with the sound out of Sync. Also the Website itself is loading slower than I normally does. Whenever I get his kind of slow down it ususally persists through till about 2-3am EST after “Primeime”. Once it hits about 2-3am everything goes back to normal. So Im thinking that whatever content delivery network you are using to run your site and streams is getting bogged down with traffic.

Update: Starting around 2am EST the slow down has cleared on the site and the videos are now streaming normally for the most part. Occasionally they still have to buffer but now they are stating Synced with Video and Sound. Seems to me to be a traffic congestion problem on your end.

Update: its now 11:43am and the site has gone back to being slowed down. Pages loading slow and the videos are back to constantly buffering with out of Sync Video and Sound.


[quote=“The Coffee God” post=173135]One thing that might also be good to include, is your ISP.

There was a few posts awhile back that hinted that certain ISPs might be throttling Amazon streaming.,com_kunena/Itemid,183/catid,5/func,view/id,39967/limit,20/limitstart,1960/#160995,com_kunena/Itemid,183/catid,5/func,view/id,39967/limit,20/limitstart,1960/#161008

I myself, have Charter and haven’t really had any issues with the TAN player for quite some time.
I even check the specific episodes (if the info is provided in the reports) that people seem to be having issues with, generally within a few minutes of them posting.

And other than the times where it truly was an error (be it site coding or video encoding), I’ve never been able to replicate other users “slow loading" & "choppy playback” issues in their reports with the native TAN player.[/quote]


Seeing as I gavent been able to watch a complete episode of anything due to slow streaming, I will have to cancel. I haven’t had any issues streaming anywhere else. Not only are the streams slow but the website as well. Until you have addressed your server issues I will be elsewhere…


Dear Ladies & Gents of the ANO Forums,

We are doing additional updates this week to further improve site & video player performance.

With today’s update users should start to see website response times decrease. We will have more upgrades happening behind the scenes this week. Please give us your feedback, so we can continue with further optimizations.


Please use the questionnaire below to report site and player issues:

Technical Issue Report
We need to know some specific information in order to troubleshoot your issue:

  • Give us a short summary of the problem you are experiencing with the Online Player. Quantifiable details are much more helpful than qualitative notes. (ex.: “X Page took 9 seconds to load” vs. “The page took a long time to load”)

  • Is this a new issue that you are experiencing or has it been going on for a while? Is is happening consistently, more frequently than not, or infrequently?

Basic details we need:

  • What Operating System are you using? Which version is it? (Windows Vista, Mac 10.4, etc)
  • What Browser are you using? Which version is it? (Chrome, Internet Explorer 7, FireFox 3.6, etc)
  • Is it happening in just one Browser or in multiple browsers? Please specify which browsers are being affected.

Tell us about your internet connection:

  • What type of connection are you using? (Cable, DSL, WiFI, ect)
  • Run a speed test and post the download speed results - we recommend
  • Who is your Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

If you are having trouble with long loading time or choppy video playback, we need to know:

  • [color=#ff0000]Important:[/color] Are you using the Native JW Player, Embedded Hulu Player or mobile browser player?
  • Affected Show Title(s) - is it happening to a particular show, certain shows or everything that you have tried to watch? Please give us at least 1 example, so we can test it.
  • Affected Episode(s) - is it happening to a particular episode, certain episodes or all episodes? Please give us at least 1 example, so we can test it.
  • Affected Language Version - if the show is Dual Language, is it the dubbed, dubbed or both versions that are affected?
  • Affected Video Format - is it the SD, HD or both versions that are affected?
  • Is your Flash Player/Plugin up to date?

If you do not want to post your report in the forums or are not sure how to describe your issue, please feel free to email your report to
Please put “Technical Issue Report” in the subject.



Seriously I haven’t been using this site much in the past month. But since I’ve been back I haven’t any issues with at least the Hulu player. Don’t really know about the other player though.

I’m only posting this because Slow Hand recommended that we all do so even if we don’t have problems at the current moment.