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I am trying to find a page that has the full subscription terms on it. A page that details what you get for subscribing vs not subscribing and general terms of service. I can only find a Subscription Plans page but it just allows me to subscribe and does not detail any of the subscription terms for each of the available plans. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hello SMohtahn,

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I am trying to click on the “Start your FREE 2-week Trial Now!” but the only thing it does is take me to the subscriptions page with no option about the trial.

What gives?


I know that I am paying $6.95 a month but I’m seeing Registered instead of Premium. Is there something I need to do?


hello I had a couple of questions about ANO, 1st what methods are accepted for the subscriptions?(if there is a thread about this sorry) and 2nd is there any plans to release like an ANO app for say Xbox 360/PS3? thanks for your time.


Can I change the payment information with the Update button beside my current subscription?


What type of information are you trying to change?
Like credit card info?


[quote=“Slowhand” post=174203]

What type of information are you trying to change?
Like credit card info?[/quote]



I recently lost my credit card and got a new one. I tried to switch my account to the new one, but I think it is still billing the old one. Please help.


I need myh credit card info updated immediately so that I do not lose my premium membership. I was supposed to be billed on 9/6/14, but have not been billed yet. Please respond.


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Thank you. I did as you said, but it now says that my billing period ends in Oct.5.


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Does your subscription come with a free trial?


why can i only pay with paypal now i did have a subscription before payed directly with my debit card

i dont use paypal its to easy to get your money stolen


Hello Aceina,

We now use Paypal to handle the payment transactions that happen on our website. We use Paypal because this gives a broader range of users the ability to purchase a subscription for our streaming services regardless of the payment type they may have. Paypal accepts the majority of the versions of ways to pay, where as before we only accepted credit cards. We hope this answers your question and look forward to seeing you enjoying our Anime.

Thank you,


and why not allow debit cards to

i dont use pay pal i hate the damn thing its the worst payment option ive ever seen for anything

i dont want to keep putign a money into it every month for 1 website that use to let me pay with my debit card

i dont trust pay pal at all


Hi everone, I got a subscription to the anime network on Sunday when i
finshed the setup and got to the last page it had erories on it.


Hello sandycasa4e53,

We will gladly help resolve the issue you reported.In order to provide you with a solution, we will need to know a bit more information.
-Can you confirm how you subscribed?
-Was it through Anime Network’s website? Was it through the in-app subscription through iTunes? Or was it through the Roku channel?
-What type of device were you trying to subscribe from?
-PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone etc.
-What browser/s were you trying to subscribe from?
-Can you confirm what the zip code is for service area (You can Personal message us here at Anime Network so that information is not shared).
-Screen shots are always helpful! Please log into your account and head over to your “My account” page and take a screen shot of your subscription page, as well as your subscription history, and then send us this information to our

Thank you,


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