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Forum Banners Needed!


I only sent Rai one of the ones I made… The really simple one with the…

it’s this one:

It’s the simplest one I made, but it’s my favorite :slight_smile:


Good eye, Hornet! I do use, and this little project has expanded my knowledge of the software. It’s a great little paint package and it is FREE!

As for harvesting images from the Interwebz, I try to be careful to only use artwork from the original series. I figure that since TAN is associated with Sentai and has the streaming rights for the series, they have the clearance to utilize elements from the series for promotional purposes.

So far, I’ve made an Infinite Stratos and an Angel Beats!/GiDeMo banner in JPG and I’m going to do some editing on the Bodacious Space Pirates banner and convert it to JPG in a bit. I’ve got some more ideas to work on later.


I PM’d Rai 3 more random banners I made. two are Hidamari Sketch related, and the third has a Hell Girl theme… :slight_smile:


Hay, I couldn’t help but notice that the banners are covering my collapse button as shown here:

I’m using the most up-to-date Firefox. Anyone else getting this problem?


[quote=“Inphy” post=108279]Hay, I couldn’t help but notice that the banners are covering my collapse button as shown here:

I’m using the most up-to-date Firefox. Anyone else getting this problem?[/quote]

Yes though button still works.


It’s doing the same on iOS Safari. I can’t get the button to work.


Is the button really that important?


The (useless anyway) button should work if you click the sliver of side or bottom not covered by the banner. That’s my experience anyway and I use Firefox.

Let’s see… I did: Nyu (Elfen Lied), the purple one with the girl with the eye patch (ef ~ A Tale of Memories), a guy and a girl with a black circle around her eye (UN-GO), High School of the Dead with the star on her ass, and Princess Tutu. Not very elegant sounding, yet you know what I mean by all of it.

BTW Hornet65, I must say, the knife wielding Osaka banner is one of my favorites up there.


:slight_smile: Thanks


I just threw a second HOTD banner and a Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere banner at Rai. -fingers crossed-


What does the button do? I can’t use it, and I’m using Google Chrome.


It just collapses that small bit with your avatar in it.


Oh okay, new discovery though. The banners with the old dimensions allow me to click the sliver of a button, but the new dimensions cock block from touching the button.


In the instance of new dimension banners, it can be collapsed by clicking the sliver under. (God that sounds wrong) You just have to have good motor control. :wink:


I like the sliver. Sometimes it acts like coaster upon which rests the banner. Sometimes it acts as a bookend to support the banner. Either way, it’s doing a damned good job at keeping the forums from collapsing.

Until you click on it.



Also, uploaded new banners, thanks again everyone!


loving the banners. especially the one of lucy :smiley: you guys are doing awesome on them


You’re welcome for the joy I have bestowed upon your eyes.


Seriously, great banners everyone! I didn’t expect the turn out to be this overwhelming when Rai issued the challenge er, made the announcement. People really turned out for this, I’m surprised.


You’re ridiculous.