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The December Schedules are now live.

Anime Network VOD Reports/Updates/Questions Thread (2018)
Anime Network VOD Reports/Updates/Questions Thread (2017)
Anime Network VOD Reports/Updates/Questions Thread (2016)

The January Schedules are now live.


SVOD Users:

Please note that Diabolik Lovers, Ep 7 (Recap “Episode 6.5”) will NOT be sent.
Ep 8 (“Episode 7”) will be sent after Ep 6 (“Episode 6”)


The February Schedules are now live.


[quote=moisme]Time Warner Users just posting an FYI. (Feb 4)

Our contact over at TWC said that all content has been made available to all service locations.

Thank you,
Thanks, mo!


TWC USERS - February 17, 2016

Time Warner has re-pitched the missing titles. Let us know if you still didn’t receive some episodes.


From Administration:


The March Schedules are now live.


FYI Verizon Users,




The April Schedules are now live.


COX Cable Users


is this where i put my requests for new anime on VoD? if not please move this to the proper section if it is the i would like to see MM and the world god only knows godesses (english dub for both) on VoD


Yes, you can put them here and I’ll put them on my report. :slight_smile:


###The May Schedules are now live.
Note: The SVOD schedules are incomplete. Will update when they’re finished.


The May SVOD schedules are now complete.


i just got done looking at the VoD schedule for may and i am wondering why we are seeing Ruin Explorers AGAIN on VoD? why can’t they dub new shows for the ones who can’t afford to buy a TAN premium membership. i am starting to think that they hate dubs again for some reason. granted, i seen there are a bunch of anime movies with a dub but why don’t they do more series’ with a dub. sorry bout the rant but i just want to tell you all how i feel on this issue.


###The June Schedules are now live.
I see that the SVOD schedules are now in date order in the Print schedule, but the FVOD ones aren’t. sigh


###The July Schedules are now live.


###The August Schedules are now live.

Note to SVOD users: Norn9, Ep 9.5, is a recap episode and will not be shown on VOD.